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    Ok, wait a sec here... let's just stop for a minute with the whole masturbation thing. Good or bad? Does it or does it not cramp your style? Some people say yes... others say no... and we've been going on like that for 500 years. I think this is one question that we've gotta get a certified MD...
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    Hand Kissing???

    When in Rome, do as the romans do. If the setting calls for it, or allows it, go for it, you've got nothing to lose. If the setting is more a handshake type of thing, go with the handshake...
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    Your opinions on...........

    Our homeec teacher used to tell us that a way she had been taught to find the leader in a conference or seminar was to look for the guy with the cleanest shoes. I guess women have a tendency to relate appearance to hirearchial status: they figure more is demanded from a guy who's in a higher...
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    Question : Women Who Make The First Move

    Swiss: I think there's something attractive about a woman who approaches you instead of you approaching her. Guess it must be the fact that she's brave enough to break most social standards and make the first move. My advice... don't ignore 'em, but don't let yourself be played either. If it...
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    My ass is getting stalked!!!!

    Caller ID rules for the prank call situation. Especially when they don't know you have it. I used to get prank calls, then one day I installed caller ID and got the number. A few minutes later I hit the dialback on the unit, and when they answered I said something along the line of stop calling...