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    Just Got Rejected!

    ! "GO BEYOND" REJECTION! (and move on w/ your life!) -PENZILLA (Penzilla's back baby!!!)
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    How to stand out...

    The color of your shirt Dude! Wearing "PINK" or "LAVANDER" is GAY!! even "Pastel Colors" It's either your "stuck in the 80's" or you know what! ==============
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    A New Era Begins

    Yeah! Im with you bro. Im tired of all this gender roles, feminist, and political correct sh*t! I'm a MAN! You're a MAN! We're all MEN here! Either they (women) LIKE US or they DON'T! Period! -PENZILLA
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    Kill that desperation!

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    About The Book, "The 48 Laws of Power"...

    Hey guys! Read (especially) Law #3 which is "Conceal your Intentions". This law is very relative to our DJ knowledge and skills here! ------------------ "Fear doesn't exist anywhere, except in the MIND." -Dale Carnegie -PENZILLA [This message has been edited by PENZILLA (edited 10-07-2000).]
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    About The Book, "The 48 Laws of Power"...

    I've read the book and it's a pretty much a damn good book if you really read, absorb, and carefully realize all the abundance of nuggets of wisdom in here. And Machiavelli is really is a damn ruthless person after that quote, but i get his point. I don't know but they've said in the bible...
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    The Don Juan Pledge of Honor

    Not bad! It's not just a pledge but a GOOD AFFIRMATION! I guess 4 days is kinda acceptable. But to me it depends, so it's 3-4 days to me. -PENZILLA
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    The Perfect Don Juan

    I guess i've used the word "Strictly" wrongly. But it's up to you guys. Those codes, those rules are rules. They are not laws but methods and discipline of getting the Honey Bunny you want! If you don't like it and if you think it does'nt work, then don't use it! Not all rules, codes, laws, and...
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    The Perfect Don Juan

    As far the "PHONE NUMBER" thing goes, I guess to exchange numbers, if it pleases you! As thing goes, Im sticking to "getting her number". I know she has been through all the sh*t, and you know what the difference is, the difference is she does'nt have the power to take the 'iniative', only we...
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    The Perfect Don Juan

    AD! You tha man bro! You should have change the title of your post to "The DON JUAN CODE", "The DON JUAN DISCIPLINE" or "The DON JUAN WAY". Either way your post good and straight to the point. I know and some us know practically know some of the points and principles of the "The DON JUAN...
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    The Playa's Blueprint - How To Be A Playa

    IM A LOVER, not a playa, but that article is DOPE!!! It made sense, and IT made A KNOCK in my NOGGIN' men!!! Im not tryin' to be a PLAYA' HATER in here and your own thing is your own thing, that's your guys business! That all! -PENZILLA
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    Dont Be P***y Whipped - say "NO!"

    Thanx for reminding me on whose 'THE BOSS'!, which us men! -PENZILLA
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    Success story, thanks guys! (long)

    "Oh it's LADIES NIGHT and the feelin' right. Oh yes it's LADIES NIGHT, OH WHAT A NIGHT!" HEHEHEHE!!! You guy are tha men! DANG! You guys are pimpin' like crazy. LADIES NIGHT SHOULD BE in FRIDAY!(My favorite day!)You guys got tha balls and most of all the 'SOCIAL PROOF' on the girls. See, if...
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    Humor = Confidence

    As always bro, "YOU THA MAN!!!". -PENZILLA
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    How to make a girl hungry for you

    Dang! man! Surely your post is going to HALL OF FAME man! The moment i read it, i felt like a blind man who can suddenly see! Men! the "SLEEPER in me HAS AWAKEN!" Alleluia and Amen Brotha!!! Thanx for shedding a light and ENLIGHTENING us brothers in here. I can't believe it! The answer...
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    Five types of guys get the ass

    Hey! That was a cool 2 cents you gave! I guess im a #4 guy! but i've got great potential to be #5. Well that's my opinion. -PENZILLA ------------------ "Fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the MIND." -Dale Carnegie -PENZILLA
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    About self-confidence...

    I guess what K' is trying to say for short is to "TRUST her and TRUST yourself!" Hmmm? I'll try to remember that. -PENZILLA ------------------ "Fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the MIND." -Dale Carnegie -PENZILLA