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    The talk Hi guys, There has been a lot of useful comments posted, I can't say I agree with it all but I asked the question to get all the different views so for that thanks. I went round last night, I was planning to talk with her straight away. I was in luck she wanted to talk about it...
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    Ok how am I supposed to feel about this... I've been with my girlfriend for 2 months. It's got very serious very fast on both our parts. She tells me she wants to be with me forever. I am not seeing her tonight as I am watching the footy round a mates. She lives on her own and is...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    I really didn't make the effort in my first week. I have just got back from a weeks holiday in Corfu. I couldn't believe I was capable of such a change in a week. I was so different out there. Didn't have a problem talking to anyone. I was under a heavey influence of alcohol. But I am the same...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    I am starting at the beggining with you. I have been reading through some of the various articles and posts on the site in the recent few days. I am going to give boot camp a try. I suppose I should tell u all a bit about myself. I am live in the UK. I work in the week and party at the...