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  1. Infern0

    MGTOW = Men Sent Their Own Way, doomed to failure

    I saw someone translate MGTOW and I feel that it was quite accurate. I rarely see men who have any history of success with women signing up to be a card carrying member of MGTOW Rather it seems to me to be a club for guys who have either suffered constant rejection or been wrinsed by low...
  2. Infern0

    To bang another mans girl or not to bang another mans girl

    Only, it's not Plenty of single attractive women out there, especially in the 20s age group
  3. Infern0

    To bang another mans girl or not to bang another mans girl

    Do what you want with your own life
  4. Infern0

    To bang another mans girl or not to bang another mans girl

    I don't do it. Imo it's dishonourable as a man to be sneaking around banging some sloot who's "conmited" to another guy, there's plenty of single women out there I have told girls before that if they left the guy we could talk, sometimes it works out sometimes not, but I always set my stall...
  5. Infern0

    Female beauty standards a lot more diverse than men imo

    I was thinking about this today If you wanted to construct the "ideal male" for women, you know the exact height, physique, facial features, there is an ideal. Not so much for women. As many guys would say someone like Sammi Hanratty who is 5'0 with round face and flat chest.... As would...
  6. Infern0

    AMA about girls with BPD

    Take another look at who created this thread and then consider your disrespectful, arrogant and frankly rude responses more carefully. You have absoloutley ZERO say in what others post in this site.
  7. Infern0

    Home gym minimums

    A barbell A bar 100kg of plates A pull up bar with belt attachment for weight You have those 4 items you don't need anything else
  8. Infern0

    Being a PT as a side-hustle?

    Just have a good physique and instagramand you can charge $$$ Nobody cares about some PT with a doctorate in personal training who doesn't look like he lifts (and that's most of them tbh)
  9. Infern0

    Short chick laments that her 4'7" mother married a man who was ONLY 5'8"

    Not every chick is going to have the height hang up although there are those who do. I see it becoming more of an issue as time goes on as each new generation seems to be getting taller. At a fraction under 6'2" I was top 5 tallest in my year at school, but as I have been saying I see more and...
  10. Infern0

    Are you guys actually worried about the coronavirus?

    We just got sent home for two weeks on full pay and there aren't even any cases for 500 miles but it's company wide. Oh well free holiday
  11. Infern0

    Youtube is your friend - workout and exercise videos for indoors

    Mike Thurston has a playlist for home workouts which is good https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKKpjoA1Byw2XkJyutI868qWReFd1DkDC
  12. Infern0

    Any martial artists out there? What martial art is good for protection?

    I've done boxing, Muay Thai and BJJ and worked as a bouncer for a few years Any martial art is going to have its use but for protection on the street I suggest to focus on boxing, let me explain why In any dangerous street fight situation the idea is to end the confrontation as quickly and as...
  13. Infern0

    What to do if you can't go to the gym for three weeks

    Use common sense id say, are there any cases in your area, are there likely to be? Over here we have only had 5 cases, all hundreds of miles away and no new cases in almost a week, so I'm going to be going to the gym. If we get cases here I probably won't go.
  14. Infern0

    What to do if you can't go to the gym for three weeks

    Do bodyweight stuff like push ups with a backpack full of heavy stuff, squats, dips etc, find anything heavy around the home you can use to replicate weights, paint cans, tool boxes, anything really. Something you can do pull ups on. And don't worry too much, look at shows like survivor, people...
  15. Infern0

    what to eat post-training, and in what time span.

    Different things work for different people, I never really hit abs directly, I find they get enough work, but some people get results from doing that. Some people are gifted in certain areas and lagging in others, for me I never hit traps or abs, but my triceps need a lot of work on them to pop...
  16. Infern0

    From Fat Albert to Tyrone Lite in just 10 months!

    I'm closing this one as well as you are clearly trolling, you have been given advice time and time again and are not listening, if you start a new thread come with a new attitude.
  17. Infern0

    About to take the most difficult decision in my life

    I went no contact with my parents for 2 years, and it was a great decision. A lot lead up to it but it was a decision I had to make, my relationship that I have now with both is greatly improved as they know if they try to manipulate me or play games I'll be gone for another couple of years...
  18. Infern0

    what to eat post-training, and in what time span.

    Meal timing makes negligable difference in my experience, but if you want that 0.00001% increased efficiency have a protein shake within 30 minutes. I find pre workout nutrition more important getting complex carbs in around 2 hours before to fuel a great session.
  19. Infern0

    Do ab rollers really work?

    You do NOT need to burn any calories you are dangerously underweight. That's the last time I'm going to say it...