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  1. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    Is it safe to ejaculate outside?

    Keep playing stupid games and you'll see what you'll win.
  2. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    I talked to guys who are getting laid a lot in 2023, here's how they are meeting women.

    You have to put an asterisk on that. I've always being a natural socializing, but OLD had lucky once, maybe cause of fat b!tch (see pic). So if you were in pretty good shape of course.
  3. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    Is it safe to ejaculate outside?

    Snip snip ftw
  4. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    Still a loser at 38

    I mean you can have a similar body with steroids, not advocating the use of anything illegal (you know for mods), but anything to increase smv
  5. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    Is it safe to ejaculate outside?

    TOTAL ABSTINENCE, don't even cvm in her mouth, she can get the sperm and impregnate herself. Be Alpha bro
  6. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    Any vehicle repair experts

    Could be: - tires need replacement, unbalanced or the balancing weights fell off. - if you brake and that happens, rotors are warped, need replacement - one of rims lock nuts is out - wheels are not centered when they installed them.
  7. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    Is it safe to ejaculate outside?

    He who plays with fire, ends up burning himself. Sperm can leak into precvm. It only requires bad luck & one bad mofo to get her pregnant. Be ready to be a daddy.
  8. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    New Rian Stones's book: Praxeology, Volume 1: Frame

    I can't wait for the next book, it will be only on Dread
  9. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    Diet Musings

    LOL bruh don't fall for the BS you hear on TV about the CBR diet, that's not true
  10. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    Dating w/ career

    Depends on where you are I guess, but yes, I had an interview last week. There are mechanic jobs that pay 16-18/hr no exp, and they teach you everything with benefits. You can even study online and have a degree. You're just enabling these people to make up excuses. Who the fvck wants to...
  11. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    Dating w/ career

    Exactly. If a guy takes for than 1 hr to go to work, then he should find a closer job or move, I take 25-30 mins one way, which is nothing, I purposely chose to live where everything was within 30mins for that same reason, I won't waste 2-3 hrs of commute time, that's just retarded, men who do...
  12. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    Dating w/ career

    Lmao, I've been doing that since 10 years ago, never had a problem, you have a problem, and its about discipline and lack of planning, try it and you'll see. Stop being a couch potato and stop being a b!tch, men work hard and do stuff, they don't focus 100% on women
  13. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    Dating w/ career

    4:30am - 5:30am gym, 7am -4pm work, 6pm -7:30pm dance/softball/rest, 8:30pm - 3:30am 7-8hr sleep. Weekends do my house chores and cook for the rest of the week and go out. Its all about discipline, there are days that I just wanna rest for 3 hrs in the house after work. You as a man should be...
  14. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    Marshall Mathers the 4th returns to YouTube and he’s even more delusional

    Why is any of his problems my problem? I grew up in a communist poor country, I had to fight tooth and nail to be where I am right now. Its his parents fault and he's an adult now, he has to help himself first.
  15. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    Dating w/ career

    Bro wtf, I have a full time job, have hobbies, go to the gym at 5 am everyday, even work on the weekends, have a 4bd house, do all the chores, go to dance events and still get to go out to clubs to dance a look for women. If you make women your priority, you're doom to fail. There is...
  16. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    Dating w/ career

    My dating improved when I started to hit gym and gain muscles. Forget about the money $hit, men who lead with money have no self respect and they try to buy woman. Just have a nice physique, don't be a bored guy, do fun activities with the girl and don't be a autistic & awkward socially. That's...
  17. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    Discontent Towards Boomers

    There should be a law stating that if you're 65 and you're not financially well and in good mental & physical shape, there should mandatory euthanasia. Less burden for younger generation. You have a son right? How old is he in his 20s? Good luck to him owning his own house until his early 30s...
  18. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    Marriage question

    They're not wings, they're my favorite flower, japanese peace lily
  19. All_Kindz_Of_Gainz

    Marriage question

    Yeah don't know man, I think a piece of paper changes people, they get complacent, women start to let themselves go (also men) and then everything goes to $hit.