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    Women find Evil men erotic and arrousing

    retarded thread!
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    Becoming a True Don Juan

    i am trying friends and yes this is a great post..keep inspiring fellow dj's:rockon:
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    One of the most important posts ever!

    yeah thats exactly what i think..girls that really want you are a little afraid to make the first move..
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    if you are depressed, bored

    bore doom this is what kills
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    Not looking down after eye contact---

    i have it. i will surely keep that in mind.
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    How To Approach A Random Girl In The Hallway

    just talk to her, if shes intrested in you, she will give a sign, look for it.
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    3 month old daughter in the middle

    am i alone...i saw the green light flash.:confused:
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    3 month old daughter in the middle

    i know the society you live..but some times its necessary to start caring for people around you..do you know how important it is for a child to have his father and mother while growing up..some time you have to make sacrifices..have you ever visited india..however poor that country is, people...
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    girl at school

    i think we are similar in nature bro.. i too get a lot of female attention but i am either to lazy to respond or too shy to ask them out..if a girl looks at me or i must says stares at me, what does it mean? am i too weird looking or she wants to talk to me? O LORD when will ifind my loved one.