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  1. TheMonkeyKing

    Why is asking "what to say" so taboo on these kinds of sites?

    On a kind of tangent, but not. I hear a lot of people bemoan small talk. In fact I've heard people say they actually hate it. This outlook is completely baffling to me. Small talk is the ultimate foundation of all conversation. You don't walk in to the bar and immediately start dissecting...
  2. TheMonkeyKing

    Where exactly do we think the commoditisation of female beauty ends ?

    Not a new thing. Males and females have been playing their respective hands since forever. Men rely on provisions and women rely on their fertility. The only difference between modern society and hunter gatherers has been the incidence of the sexual revolution. Women still use their sexuality to...
  3. TheMonkeyKing

    Dating is rigged against men (just the way it is)

    Sh!t tests and hypergamy arise as a result of women wanting to procreate, not from casual dating. Contraception has little or nothing to do with it. Blimey, there are still some real fckn dumb@sses on here.
  4. TheMonkeyKing

    Dating is rigged against men (just the way it is)

    I know plenty of women who have had problems with reproduction. This is a naïve, I do a meaningless inconsequential job answer.
  5. TheMonkeyKing

    Dating is rigged against men (just the way it is)

    OK. Put it another way. Sh!t a melon out of your @sshole, nurture it for 25 years, and give us a field report.
  6. TheMonkeyKing

    Girlfriend doesn't want to pay me rent.

    Slippery slope OP. My mate is literally moving in to a new flat this weekend having initiated a very messy divorce from his head case soon to be ex wife. You guessed it, he paid for everything (simp), and literally, everything, save a bit of spending money I guess. And, as he went to empty the...
  7. TheMonkeyKing

    When is it too much?

    Word of warning contrary to popular opinion. Don't be so aloof that you come across like a cold fish. I've made this mistake before and got my fingers burned with a girl I quite liked. If she's on business, keep the communication to a normal work day standard. You can't go from living in each...
  8. TheMonkeyKing

    Life in game beyond cold approaches and lay counts.

    Respectfully disagree with this. If you are unable to socialise in a normal every day capacity as you would normally, there is either something wrong with you or something wrong with her, or both. It's your insecurity, or her wandering eye, or the two combined. If you can't trust her when you're...
  9. TheMonkeyKing

    Dating is rigged against men (just the way it is)

    Dating may be rigged, but so is child-bearing. Women risk life and limb with the possibility of potential procreation, child birth and the inevitable and permanent life changing consequences. The sooner that a lot of guys realise this, they might understand why the dating game is the way it is...
  10. TheMonkeyKing

    Life in game beyond cold approaches and lay counts.

    Most heterosexual people have an interest in attracting the opposite s3x. And like it or not, the majority will go out of their way somehow so facilitate that attraction, whether that be OLD, dressing up, going out on the pull, allowing themselves to be set up by friends. Whatever. Broadly...
  11. TheMonkeyKing

    37-year-old single influencer sick of waiting for the ‘perfect partner’ enjoys solo honeymoon

    'I thought I knew what I wanted at the age of 25. Turns out I was wrong'. What a revelation.
  12. TheMonkeyKing

    how to give the impression that you are not trying to be liked?

    I'm not sure where this philosophy arises from. Most people in life are trying to be liked, whether they are consciously doing it or not. And there's nothing wrong with that. It's a pillar of most social interaction and nothing to be ashamed of. Being cool calm and collected only gets us so far...
  13. TheMonkeyKing

    POLL: How many HB9s have you slept with on multiple occassions?

    Was literally just thinking of Selma! My last gf was like Selma if you ordered from Wish But actually not that much worse!
  14. TheMonkeyKing

    POLL: How many HB9s have you slept with on multiple occassions?

    Can't disagree about Robbie in WoW and she's generally a solid 9. However, it's a fallacy that every woman in the public eye meets that standard because very few do. Equally false that non-famous women cannot and do not meet that standard. The mainstream media completely warps what we are...
  15. TheMonkeyKing

    How many chicks have you slept with?

    As an honest approximation, would say approaching or around 100. Genuinely stopped counting at 50ish. Then started a rough guess again a few years back which got to about 90, and probably another half a dozen since then
  16. TheMonkeyKing

    How to graduate from SoSuave with honors

    A very Pook-ish post, nonetheless relevant. He said something along the same lines, like there comes/should come a point in time when a man doesn't need game/seduction (strategy) anymore. Insomuch as it is coming naturally at that point. I notice the same cognitive dissonance here today as has...
  17. TheMonkeyKing

    Walking - one of the most underrated tools for weight loss

    Driving is one scourge of modern society in many different ways. I've seen a conversation online recently asking what's the shortest distance one would drive. Some quotes talking about children being driven to school at the end of the road etc etc. This is a pitiful appraisal of the world we...
  18. TheMonkeyKing

    POLL: How many HB9s have you slept with on multiple occassions?

    Subjectively, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Eights and 9's are seen all over the place and not just in movies. Depends on personal taste. And each individual is on a sliding scale anyway. They should be routinely scrubbing up to an 8 to warrant more than a couple of visits. As an...
  19. TheMonkeyKing

    Number Closed but No Response

    Talking to people and making contacts is part of life. Being unable to deal with a bit of rejection every now and then or the most basic of sh!t tests does not bode well.