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    A womans social and reprodutive value can be pure based her looks!

    Oh, that is such rubbish. Men don't necessarily get more "distinguished" with age. They get flappy butts and fat bellies and old balls, gross.
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    why do women like dark features?

    There have actually been a lot of scientific studies done on this, actually. Men tend to prefer paler, blonder women and women tend to prefer darker men. If you think about the fact that most blonds tend to turn into brunets as they get older, you can understand why youth is associated with...
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    So what is a "nice guy" anyway?

    Thinking about what vorbis has said, I would like to add that men in America have it very hard since American women are, let's face it, kind of crazy. They love for men to take charge but are creeped out when he does. They get angry if men don't call but even more angry if he calls too often...
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    So what is a "nice guy" anyway?

    Cheers to that! Don't be afraid to make moves (but stalk women, either!)
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    So what is a "nice guy" anyway?

    I don't see how that's very different than what I'm saying. My point is that "nice" doesn't mean nice and men should stop confusing themselves.
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    So what is a "nice guy" anyway?

    Many times have I heard men complain that women only like jerks. Well, it simply isn't true. Usually when men say "women don't like nice guys", what they are really saying is "women don't like me". Well, with an attitute like that, they're half right. Granted, there are women who date...
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    What EXACTLY are "the bases" anyway?

    Yeah, pretty much. I thought there was a more specific term if you touched it with your mouth instead of hands, like sloppy 3rd or something (am I just thinking of sloppy 2nds?)
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    Want sex? What not to do on a date.

    No, he called 10 times a day because I wasn't picking up the phone (I was gracefully trying to ignore him). In other words, he couldn't take a hint, which was WAY worse :)
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    so please, come see my film, if it not success, i will be execute... BORAT [merged]

    Anti-Semetic? Don't you mean anti-anti-Semetic? If you didn't, you are an idiot for more reasons than one. Awesome, awesome movie by the way.
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    Want sex? What not to do on a date.

    I know you guys are always asking yourselves what to do on dates in order to get a girl interested, and I thought I might help by shedding some light on some things you should avoid. So I had a date with a guy who did everything perfectly. On our first date he was charming, witty and suave...
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    What is fun or funny to girls?

    Nothing. Girls aren't funny.
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    do you believe in astrology, horoscopes and that sort of thing?

    I think it must have some truth, because I can always tell Virgos by their whiny undertone, even the first time we meet. Virgos. Blech.
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    How much does a girl spend on nails?

    How much? Too much. Fingernails are free.
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    Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

    Dude, I'm sorry, but Harold and Kumar is the funniest movie ever. The again, my favorite movie is Spice World. Hmmm.
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    If you try to meet girls on myspace, you are probably a pervert. If a woman tries to meet you on myspace, she is either a) hideous b) advertising for a porn site c) a man Myspace is for friends, if you want a date try personal ads.
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    What are all the sensitive spots on a woman?

    A word of advice: make sure there's a fire burning before you stick bank notes up the chimney. Capisce?
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    Question about vibrators...

    Should she trust you? Sounds to me like you're being a bit of an @ss about it. My opinion is that either A: she doesn't want to have sex with you, in which case don't pressure her because contrary to what you might think it doesn't help your case, or B: She's just saying she had a...
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    Girls grossed out.....?

    Hey, different strokes. But she probably won't like it any better if you shoot it at her when she isn't a willing participant. If it really bothers you (if you can't cvm in a girl I'm assuming you probably won't in a sock), talk to her about it outside the bedroom. Maybe you can work up...
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    soo funny, and SOOO scarry.

    No, I disagree. All women think and act like this. ALL of them. No exceptions. In fact, we also have secret meetings when men are sleeping and we learn how to have periods when we're kids (it's just to gross men out, they don't naturally exist). The book is obviously written for women...
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    The Return of Anti-Dump?

    It has a good message, but was written like an 8 year-old trying to write a Hemingway novel in iambic pentameter.