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  1. krass

    The Truth About Women

    I really don't get why people are so excited about this article. Let's put the obvious exaggerations aside for a second. It should also be obvious that whatever you spend the most time doing, you tend to get really good at. So the guy spends most of his free time running game on club sluts, and...
  2. krass

    The official Borderline Personality Disorder thread [Merged]

    Yeah she did try her best to read me and anticipate my likes and dislikes. I guess what guys get hooked into isn't necessarily the sex then but the promise of genuine connection.
  3. krass

    The official Borderline Personality Disorder thread [Merged]

    I've always been intrigued by this question, so let's put this out there for the heck of it: What kind of sex did your bpd give you that got you hooked? I'm asking because the bpd I was with wasn't particularly dirty or kinky in bed. The sex was quite passionate though. How about you guys?
  4. krass

    AMA about girls with BPD

    Well that's for you to find out I guess. I really do wish you the best. I've practiced vipassana meditation for years and I can recover quite quickly from bpd devalue and discard, but even then I still think twice about getting involved with the ex bpd. It's the same reason why I do drugs like...
  5. krass

    AMA about girls with BPD

    I think it's erroneous to impose the real world statistics to the statistics on this site. PUA is basically just teaching otherwise codependent men to adopt more overtly narcissistic traits. If you think about it PUA also teaches push/pull, being "unpredictable" - interested one minute...