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    The One

    It's sounds cliche, but you will just know. She's gotta be somebody that you can completely be yourself around, who knows your strengths and weaknesses as a person and complements you...hence the "other half" phrase. And yeah, she'll completely annoy you at times, but that kinda comes with...
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    Post your picture ONLY

    Here's me doin' my thang.... http://a296.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/57/l_ad3e1074b1ea77d47baec81e03783fc7.jpg ...and my alter-ego... http://a574.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/96/l_afa336f4ed99e5df9fbb63ede5915125.jpg :crackup:
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    How to get excitement into your life?

    For me it's usually flying...it's kinda like Fight Club in that you really don't give a damn what anybody thinks once you get on the ground because YOU JUST FLEW A FREAKING AIRPLANE!!!! I mean really, how many people do that? Guitar is always fun too, mainly just hammering on chords to...
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    Where and/or How did your Parents meet?

    My mother was a Russian prostitute with a lazy eye, and my father was an American fighter pilot who crash-landed in her small village during the harvest season, and the rest is history... Okay, so they actually met through mutual friends and hit it off.
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    Aren't there any HBs who just want a nice quiet relationship at home?

    Well that's why my last GF didn't work out...I wasn't boring and dependable enough for her... ..but it was the unpredictablility and excitement that attracted her in the first place.
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    Would getting girls be easier or harder if there was no internet?

    Yeah, back in the 40's people actually DID stuff. Now people just sit around TALKING about doing stuff, or WATCHING other people do stuff (movies, television, etc...) But honestly, it was probably about the same then as it is now, just...different. It's all about knowing how to play the...
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    This is very true...it's all in your outlook. Like my mom (who is almost too upbeat sometimes) says....all you have to do is show up and say yes.
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    I don't suggest this

    I prefer the Blacktooth Grins myself...Seagrams 7 and Coke.
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    I dont drink or smoke, but most girls do..

    Tell 'em you're a recovering alcoholic. :D
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    Peacocking Poppin'

    No, popping your collar just makes you a douchebag. If you wanna do it though, make sure you wear a pink polo shirt and be sure your frat-boy buddies also have their collars popped.
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    Reading Sci-Fi novels = Too AFC?

    Good point Luke, Han Solo is such a chump for not kissing Princesss Leia's ass like the princess she is. Science fiction is so AFC...now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to beat off to episodes of "Ice Road Truckers" on the History channel while eating a bag of nails and bench-pressing a Volkswagen.
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    I asked out co-worker.....

    You guys are all ugly and short. Kiss my black ass. All the hell you really need is to not be physically repulsive and have unshakeable confidence and be a little bit sarcastic. Jeez. It's not rocket science. But to the OP: You tried, that's all that matters. And this isn't one of those...
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    Would you consider this behavior "bitter AFC" ?

    I don't know if I'd necessarily say it's "AFC" behavior, but more like the child-like temper tantrum of a really insecure guy. "Oh look at me, I have an Ivy League education, I'm a member of Mensa, I drive a Beemer etc..." ...Which basically means "I have a tiny penis and my parents never...
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    Another day with strippers

    Are you sure you didn't steal this from some cheesy movie on the Lifetime channel?
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    Lots of different pictures of me and different girls

    It could go either way--you could be the kind of douche that posts lots of pictures of himself on MySpace with lots of different girls in a pathetic attempt to make people think he's a social, outgoing, cool dude.... ...Or you could just be a guy who has lots of friends and has pictures that...
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    accepting reality..

    So just whose reality are you accepting here?
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    Online Dating Email - cheeky and not AFC

    How about "hey, I'm totally lame and know nothing about you, but you look hot in your picture...I really hope you don't weigh like 400 pounds and that picture is an old one when you weighed less and was taken at an funny angle that doesn't show your double chin..." ...hey come to think of it...
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    Spontaneous or AFC?

    This is why I love being a pilot...I can just be like "Yeah, I gotta knock out some cross-country time, so I guess I'll fly up to (her town here)....you should meet me up with me for lunch." Personally, if I were you I'd make her meet me halfway. No chick is worth that kinda distance with gas...
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    So, I reeeeeeeeallly like this married chick...

    ...and you guys think women are the dishonest ones... Thanks for setting a good example for our whole gender, bud.
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    What "race" are they talking about?

    Yes, it's the rat race. It's overrated. But then again, a lot of happiness comes from finding work that you enjoy--a career as opposed to a job. It sounds like you have the right attitude for the most part--life isn't a race, and every moment isn't going to be a peak experience. But most...