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  1. retardedautist2020

    Do any of you have contact information for Pook or Rollo?

    His Twitter. He has a discord, patreon, etc.
  2. retardedautist2020

    Gf going on multiple dates/meetings

    Bruh are you retarded?
  3. retardedautist2020

    No free attention

    What the f8ck are you doing at bars? Why aren’t you at the gym?
  4. retardedautist2020

    Reasons why women get turned off

    Why do you guys care so much about what women think? Who gives a damn about them. You guys are falling into their frame.
  5. retardedautist2020

    Converting LinkedIn Connections into Dates

  6. retardedautist2020

    JustPearlyThings channel on Youtube

    **** Pearl, and Rollo, all of them.
  7. retardedautist2020

    Porn is not unrealistic and NoFap is not a cure.

    You’re at 40% body fat AND you watch porn? You’re disgusting.
  8. retardedautist2020

    Emotional eating weight gain

    Bro we’re all telling you what to do and you’re just in denial. Stay disgustingly fat then since you don’t want to take our advice. You think this is a drive through and you can pick and choose the advice? You have some serious issues to look at being over 40% body fat.
  9. retardedautist2020

    Emotional eating weight gain

    So do you want us to baby you or what? 40% body fat is disgusting.
  10. retardedautist2020

    Emotional eating weight gain

    It’ll help with the OCD. Some strains don’t give you the munchies too.
  11. retardedautist2020

    Emotional eating weight gain

    Sounds like you have OCD and have some sort of trauma. Perhaps marijuana or therapy can help.
  12. retardedautist2020

    JustPearlyThings channel on Youtube

    To be honest, all of the manosphere are sellouts. They focus so much on “spinning plates” and promoting their new book, but they don’t focus on how bad the dating scene really is in the US. But again, spreading red pill theory and selling books is what makes them money and gets them views so I...
  13. retardedautist2020

    Are you the nice guy or the good guy?

    es This is a good way to see things. I feel we can only be one of the above, and it’s ok. Just don’t be the nice guy.