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  1. C.I.Philosopher

    What you think about and what you focus on is what you attract

    So where is my PS5 and 4k television?
  2. C.I.Philosopher

    Females are the foundation of a life well lived.

    As the saying goes..pull you head from your behind(ass)
  3. C.I.Philosopher

    Why male online spaces are so toxic.

    Thanks I'll give it a read.
  4. C.I.Philosopher

    Why male online spaces are so toxic.

    Why would I go fight for another country? I'm African we support BRICS here, Namibian to be exact 3rd world country yeah but say for example Botswana is to invade *humph* they're gonna have a real hard time pal!
  5. C.I.Philosopher

    Why male online spaces are so toxic.

    Understandable... I'd go fight honestly. I'd like to think it's a good death for a man..you know honorable and ****.
  6. C.I.Philosopher

    Why male online spaces are so toxic.

    You're being dishonest and sound like a typical anti-manosphere emotional feminist who stumbled upon a manosphere forum, saw the truth and called "toxic"! c'mon man? I "might" not look it in my photo but I'm 27 years old and I've been in these communities and have researched them. At 1st sight...
  7. C.I.Philosopher

    Women have Over-Abudance by default!

    A question..If you're "rising" you know "self-improvement" to show women you're better. Would you have improved if women were not present? If you're improving to be the "man" women want? Are you not improving to be accepted or acceptable to women? Honestly, as someone who went this route.You'll...
  8. C.I.Philosopher

    Dreading Women

    C Clarify please?what is this speak?It makes sense spiritually not rationally though,I'm a believer of God not of christianity or religion but Yahshua
  9. C.I.Philosopher

    Dreading Women

    Alright thanks guys,that should do moderator can close it now I guess.. Besides that I do think I need "game" as stated before I'm inexperienced with 1 on 1 con, 2 days in she's telling me how she plans to bang some other guy in 5 months time?I think I should just take a break for now and focus...
  10. C.I.Philosopher

    Dreading Women

    I'm doing it already?! Don't get obnoxious please, self improvement is just copium,Big deal we all need to improve that's what life's all about growth and change.I need growth in this area of "gaming" women.In the area of finding out what this is, causing the dread so I can fix it.Self...
  11. C.I.Philosopher

    Dreading Women

    Loo Look man I get it,self improvement and stuff women will follow,that's not the issue though,Honestly I'm not sure why I want a woman either I just think it's healthy to have women in man's life to be mentally healthy and I have not had that in years and I do enjoy women,I kinda have a soft...
  12. C.I.Philosopher

    Dreading Women

    Hi guys been on year for around a year now,just a lurker,posting for the first time now.I just wanted some advise if you guys could care enough. I feel dread and dissapointed when thinking of texting and chasing women,almost like I don't wanna do the challenges,test,etc to "pass".It's not like...