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    Having a tough time, any advice?

    Yeah, she got angry because you made her an exception, you should have agreed that it was a sad thing, if she had feelings for you she would have caved in for that gay thing her: YOU ARE SO GAY! everyone else: oohhhh!! me: but you havnt met my boyfriend yet i dont know, i said it...
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    Are you scared of success?

    I need to look at this more indepth i think, in the past whenever i would have a girl attracted to me, and everything, we would talk, blah blah blah, hang out once or twice, then id run and hide in my shell to be worried about what would happen, i dont know why, its basically still now these...
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    There is NO such thing as a FREE LUNCH

    how about if its like this, your doing a current event together, and she does not want to go up and present about it she asked me if i could go explain, i said how about you go up there, she says no no no please, then i caved in and said okay sure but next time its your turn im a ***** yes...
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    Stop reading and do something

    im with you here, ive read so much but acted on so little its crazy i tell you, i see so many hot girls everyday, but instead of approaching, i just shrug it off, like i dont care, i dont know what is wrong with me
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    GETTING GIRLS TO CHASE YOU (the better looking the chick, the better this works)

    What is strange is that there is this girl i have known for about 2 years, and weve talked off and on just as friends from swim practice, her little sister is hot, but anyway, she is pretty, but for some odd reason, about a few weeks ago i did somehting to stimulate her *****, i dont know what...
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    The Importance of Being Involved in HS

    This is my last year in high school and i think i am more involved than ever i am in the Marine Science club, and i am doing two sports at one time, ctross country and swimming, this is my third year doing swimming and my 1st with XC, i am decent at both, it may sound stupid but i like the...
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    Signs of High Interest

    I was interrogated a few weeks ago, but not knowing wel enough i didnt mess around with them, they kept asking what i thought of their asses and stuff, blah! how often does that chance happen they played me like a flute
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    Friday night..whos going out?

    im at home sitting on my ass WHO IS WITH ME!
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    Why Life Isn't Fair.

    Encore! excellent man
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    Weird Situation

    Thanks for the advice, M2k961, i FULLY understand what you are saying, that little sentence you said about her asking where i am from, im going to try to remember it if there is a next time, I see how you are getting at, i really hate it when they ask so many questions, like you said,
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    Golden Medal

    Excellent post BBB, at first i thought you were refering to the incident during the mens marathon, Now, as a runner my self i know how hard it is, today we had our frst cross country meet, i came 42 place out of 60 something , Now, i am still angry about it but the last time i ran was...
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    Weird Situation

    hello everyone, i am new here, To introduce my self ive been reading around this site for a few months now and fine this very interesting stuff, its uncommon common knowledge, heh, Thank you to everyone who has helped aid me,.. well to the situation that i had today, I was standing in...