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    With my GF in the club. WTF!

    I've had a very similar situation with a girl that I dated a few years back (she was hotter than hell). What you do is you ride this puppy to the bitter end, and when it does end you SHOULD be glad that u got as much physical action as you could get. Sorry mi amigo, but this sounds like the...
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    I give up!

    just take it easy man...just keep planting seeds and eventually some will grow...ur taking this **** way too seriously...relax a bit
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    facebook date went wrong.. what happened/why?

    You need to calm down if this ever happens again. I wouldve just kept the 'meeting' pretty simple if she was guarded, and just have said goodbye after the dinner. If she liked you she would text u or call u back. Otherwise, its not worth your time and energy.
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    Hey guys, theres a girl im after, could use some advice!

    The other guy is irrelevent and its obvious she is not of the faithful branch. If you like her, I would steal her away from said guy and keep a casual relationship with her or the same may happen to you
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    Well, I fvcked up...

    on the OP's story...next time something like that happens...say u need to go out with me sometime, show him what kind of guy you're really attracted to ;)
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    Date Ideas? (Non FAQ)

    Take her to a ****ing bar, man. dont spend too much $ on women other than your GF.
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    I'm looking for a fun way to ask her out

    this is ridiculous...dude get her # and take her out to a bar. Dont spend too much on women taking em everywhere...
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    There's this Chinese girl at my school...

    next time when u meet someone, get their #. culture is irrelevent...how bad is her language? you can obviously understand her which is good. I dated this Brazillian girl once, and I had no idea what she was saying half the time, so i would just shake my head and change topics frequently...
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    when she asks u are u seeing anyone else or have a gf. how to respond?

    just say no even if you are..."ive dated a few, but they're just not what im looking for"
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    when she asks u are u seeing anyone else or have a gf. how to respond?

    use the old mark whalberg line: "maybe, maybe not...maybe go **** yourself";)
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    As soon as she talks about her boyfriend, am I friend zone'd?

    Let it go...greener pastures with less effort are out there...just stay friends
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    is there no excuse for a girl in a relationship not to change her status in facebook?

    just keep it casual. dont care too much what women think. most are ****ing nuts anyway. As long as she pumps your magic dragon, the little details are insignificant.
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    nice guy with hot, experience older girl(Do nice guys always lose?)

    Keep riding the horse until it gets old...you just need to pretend that you still care...dont settle on your first, especially since shes older...she sounds kinda looney to me, which bodes well for the physical, but not for a LTR. keep it casual