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    What's all the hate with the travel bros?

    Since before the 90’s?? Try the 15th Century lol. It was them who who launched the global sex tourism industry. And later corn. That being said, this has nothing to do with them. Yea there is a racism undertone. But It’s Mostly coming from the locals and black Americans themselves...
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    Girl suddenly changed after 1.5 years

    She’s probably going through a depression phase. The weed ain’t helping either. Dude you’re mismanaging her big time. Listen to her. Pick up the small pieces, try to find the cause, and come with a solution(if she haven’t jumped ships yet) . But ofc u r a sex addict “modern” lazy western...
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    I'm done being honest with women

    u can absolutely trust women…..to be women. Look dude, 90% of women r talking sh1t and exposing the fuk out of their bf/husband’s to anyone that will listen on the regular. Being honest with women is counterproductive. Only be honest if it will benefit u. And share just enough.
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    Aaron Clarey: Women Would Choose Extinction Over Beta Males

    I have 4 sisters(none westerners tho)women after a certain age actually prefer AFC/beta simps who cater to them. R u giving off too much handsome swagged out playa vibes?? on the other hand, if you still experiencing this on dating apps im going to assume it’s your photos/profile. Or maybe...
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    What do you do when they reject you but still orbit you?

    I rejected(was very respectful) few chicks this summer and almost all of them r still on my snap/IG. Watching my stories and ****. I may hit them up in the future when them dry spells hit. So I’m assuming women do the same sh1t??
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    All of my class thinks im needy and try every girl

    That’s why I laugh when I see them low value desperate dudes on here/online say “it’s a numbers game bro” Get on dating apps and switch locations.
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    article: 45% Of Women Are Expected To Be Single And Childless By 2030, Per Recent Projection

    45% of women would rather be single than to get with YOU. That’s tuff.
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    How To Identify Borderline Personality?

    Spot on my guy. I will also add: - intense loving bombing(falls under “difficulty regulating emotions”) - Push & pull. - Highly manipulative. - Very dramatic/drama queen. - Over sharing. - Physical aggression when angry. - Impulsive - No self-identity(it’s like she is empty on the...
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    My interactions with a Chad and why game matters

    The average women ain’t much better tbh. The only difference is, they expect the guy to be on his A game at all times. I work mostly with women who I use to practice my English skills on. Only a handful are socially savvy. The rest r average to blow average. Gen Zs r the worst too. But yea let’s...
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    How often do you think a woman that is a 6/7 gets hit on?

    Outside night game, I don’t see dudes cold approaching women when I’m out and about. I work mainly with women(23-50) and they tell me they rarely get approached. And when they do, they will tell everyone at work.
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    Why Women Who Own Their Sexuality Are Empowering

    Women been “owning their sexuality” for decades now. Yet, the in3els numbers are increasing rapidly. No way all these dudes are 5’5, broke, and ugly. Something is not adding up. I’m suspecting this is just another power grab from modern women. They wanna have their cake and eat it too...
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    How to be modern super (single) mom..

    Idk why the manosphere r obsessed with single mothers tbh. Call me selfish, but we need more honorable men to foot the bill and help raise those kids. More stable households = a more stable society.
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    Women always project what they admire

    This is gold. But this is a double edged sword tho. I’m naturally an introvert, non-chalant, laid back kinda a guy. I kept getting the “you r too shy” & “you need to be less shy” from high interest chicks. After the 9th time I knew something needed to be changed, or else nothing will...
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    An Unsurprising Truth: Nurses Are The Most Common Cheaters

    I do hospital security officer. Graveyard shift too. Life is good.
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    Hanging out in Armenia with an Armenian chick

    When I went back home all the young single women were feminine, fit and friendly. For some reason I don’t remember them being that nice before I moved to the states just 4 years ago. Outside culture(includes religion) differences, Women are women everywhere dude. However, in a true patriarchal...
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    I learned a valuable lesson from a coworker...

    Bingo. Dudes think being a jerk = calling women ugly/fat on the first date. Or worse, physical abuse.
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    46, I pulled a college girl tonight.

    She had a middle aged chump showing her around the city on his dime, be her entertaining monkey, and later gave her a good d1ick(norainbow ofc)…. She has a good game. Nothing to brag about here buddy. Women in the west have it so easy, no wonder they look down on 90% of men.
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    Give women credit

    Dude you are boring them to death with em interview questions. I learned this the hard way.