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  1. Cowboy-Cheems

    Pick up is just like the dieting industry!

    I think what discourages a lot of men is over-simplifying every social dynamic into a basic formula. There is no "right kind of woman" and there is no "right kind of words" to say to her. There is only you, every other man, and every woman in the game of human social life. All these books...
  2. Cowboy-Cheems

    Brace yourself gents; the wall for PREGNANCY is beyond 45 now...

    I have seen poor women approaching 60 still able to crank kids out. Not all fertility windows are made equal though. Most of the stigma against older motherhood stems from increased risk of birth defects and the fact that you get to watch your child receive their diploma when you are old enough...
  3. Cowboy-Cheems

    TikTok Is Much More Dangerous Than You Thought.

    That is pretty bad. kids 8 and under glued to tablets. The worst part it is that the content they are actually viewing often makes no sense at all. It is often just 30 second loops of poor quality CGI nonsense. We are rotting children's brains in an effort to keep them "busy." Tablets and smart...
  4. Cowboy-Cheems

    Young guy debunks the age pill cope for men

    Indeed. 100k is not really a lot of money these days, unless you have a very frugal and modest lifestyle. I see a lot of guys that think they have to buy their wife a new Cadillac or Mercedes every three years. Their daughters and other women see this and expect the same. Women have been...
  5. Cowboy-Cheems

    Young guy debunks the age pill cope for men

    Such scenarios are very situational. There was a time when men were encouraged to get careers established, and then marry the youngest and healthiest females available, likewise young women were encouraged to marry these men for security reasons. On both sides of my family, My great grandfather...
  6. Cowboy-Cheems

    TikTok Is Much More Dangerous Than You Thought.

    All social media is a glorified data-mining and social engineering device. The Twitter take-over by Musk exposed an alarming amount of bot accounts used to artificially inflate the popularity of certain people and subjects. It is suspected that other apps do this too. The main thing that sets...
  7. Cowboy-Cheems

    The Dating Pool Dropouts

    The dad bod vs shredded argument is severely beat to death. I would say that the main take-away that should be generally agreed up upon, is that every man should avoid the extremes. Avoid the Christian Bale "Machinist" look, but also avoid the Christian Bale "Vice" look.
  8. Cowboy-Cheems

    The Dating Pool Dropouts

    The difference between flattery and harassment is the emotions the recipient receives from the interaction. Harassment allegations are a tool weaponized by women to discourage anyone they don't like from speaking to them.
  9. Cowboy-Cheems

    The Dating Pool Dropouts

    That is very possible. Gagarin still gets the clout of being the first guy to come back and tell people about it though.
  10. Cowboy-Cheems

    When you go to a restaurant solo to see the same waitress, are they happy to see you, the 2nd time?

    Cashiers and waitresses can be difficult, since they have an obligation to act professional. If you are confident that she is into you, hint at a date before you receive a tab or receipt. If she is down for it, she will likely leave her contact info on the receipt or somewhere else that does not...
  11. Cowboy-Cheems

    The Dating Pool Dropouts

    We need to be careful with these astronaut posts, some guys here may misinterpret the message and try to launch themselves into orbit in hopes of getting laid.;) Who knows though, maybe one of them will succeed and provide us a with a thread on Martian pickup game....
  12. Cowboy-Cheems

    Wanna get more responses and an upgrade of a woman? Then date black women

    I have only been here a few days, and if I had to apply numbers to what I have seen so far, it would go as follows: 25% clueless virgin/near virgin demanding that we give up the cheat code for getting laid with hot women, 25% venting about a bad breakup, or inability to attract women, 35%...
  13. Cowboy-Cheems

    5 Reasons Why Women Care About Height

    Yeah, I noticed too. Height seemed to be a minor thing until the swipe apps came along and social media trends started to get nutty. Social media is filled chock-full of cherry-picked, heavily filtered pictures, and and algorithms that match you with other users to perpetuate confirmation bias...
  14. Cowboy-Cheems

    5 Reasons Why Women Care About Height

    OP, judging by your other posts, this seems to be a passionate topic for you. I know plenty of sub 5'9 "manlets" that rarely had issues getting laid, though the stayed in shape and were pleasant people for women to talk to. Social media trends combined with some women's obsession to spawn a D1...
  15. Cowboy-Cheems

    Dont got brothers to fight with

    Learn Martial arts. I know some guys that join MMA, and somewhat enjoy it; but prepare for some beat downs at the beginning of your training. There are also various fraternal groups and men's clubs you can join. They are not limited to just colleges. Make more friends, but like others said, do...
  16. Cowboy-Cheems

    The Dating Pool Dropouts

    Being the first guy in space is an interesting way to get the ladies lol. The main argument here is to have to status, if you lack height. His size may have been one of the main reasons he was selected to go into the space craft.
  17. Cowboy-Cheems

    Got rejected by HB10..how to overcome irrational fear i will never come across another HB10 or better women?

    As others said, dating coworkers is a dangerous game to play. I'd argue that she may have actually done you a favor by rejecting you, due to the potential disaster that can stem from dating a coworker. As for handling rejection, don't look at every woman as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity...
  18. Cowboy-Cheems

    The Dating Pool Dropouts

    There is a lot of young men who never even try in the first place. They are perfectly happy working low pay jobs, playing video games, and snuggling with their "waifu pillow" while listening to girlfriend ASMR videos on Youtube. Some even reach a condition of deranged delusion where they send...
  19. Cowboy-Cheems

    How do you guys feel about mail order brides?

    Become a welder or a pipeline worker. They pretty much exclusively travel. You will make decent money too. If you make yourself look nice, and have a traveling job, women will often get with you out of a classic case of "FOMO." The thought of them missing an opportunity after you are done with a...
  20. Cowboy-Cheems

    Everything you need to know about Daddy Issue's!

    I try to avoid absolutist mentality, and give every woman the benefit of the doubt. Fatherless women do collectively have bad reputations, but that does not mean all of them are irredeemable nut cases. Bad people come from all walks of life. There are girls with good parents that never shut...