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  1. logicallefty

    Getting girls when on the spectrum

    I haven't read through this thread. I know one thing is for sure, that the majority of replies to the OP will be legit and valid because we have legit and valid men on this forum. With that said, my reply to the OP is that yes, absolutely, men on the spectrum can succeeded with women. If...
  2. logicallefty

    Now I Know How Military Husbands Feel

    Thank you Sir.. The Puerto Rican woman seems different thus far. But time will tell. She is going out for a "girls night out" sometime soon. But rather than tell me to go home and forget her for the night, she asked me if I would be the designated driver for her and her girlfriends and I said...
  3. logicallefty

    Want to Ask Her Out - Don't Wait

    I think I understand your point here. That we should wait and verify facts before getting upset with people when they don't show up to things or don't do certain things we are expecting of them. Is that right? About 3 years ago I bread my male German Shepheard with a female German Shepherd...
  4. logicallefty

    Want to Ask Her Out - Don't Wait

    @AmsterdamAssassin @sangheilios I appreciate you guys participating in my thread, but please stop the bickering. No reason for that.
  5. logicallefty

    Want to Ask Her Out - Don't Wait

    I moved to a new State in June. Met so many great people so fast. Have been chatting with a woman at work since day one. My work closes at 5pm but after 4:30pm each day people slack off big time from 4:30-5pm. Even the big boss slacks off and it's totally fine if you have your work done...
  6. logicallefty

    Now I Know How Military Husbands Feel

    @CollegeMan22 @Hacker Thanks fellas. divorce is all over with and I moved from my home state of Illinois down to Florida, which I was really planning to do anyway eventually, with her, even before the divorce. Financially I got to keep all my big assets. I had to pay her a little bit of cash...
  7. logicallefty

    Women won't let me vent.

    Mine too. Over the years I have red pilled my mother, age 77 now, pretty well. Working on my 20 year old daughter now and she is getting there too.
  8. logicallefty

    Women won't let me vent.

    Your title says it all, women will not let you vent. Not in the way we fully need to sometimes. In my experience, if I try to vent to a woman about my shi||y day or about big problems I have going on, they will typically either flat out ignore me & change the subject to talk about themselves ...
  9. logicallefty

    Short Men: Why Women Aren't Attracted Enough to Date Them

    I am just 5’9 and I do ok. I dated a woman who was 6’2 earlier this year. I suppose I compensate a lot for my height by the mystery i create. I think a lot of women are interested in me because I leave them wondering what I am about and wanting to learn more. I hear things like “You don’t look...
  10. logicallefty

    Bi Polar Disorder

    After several major mistakes I made, here is what I have concluded regarding women and mental health issues. They ALL have mental health issues to some degree. Some are inherited at birth, and some are generated from bad childhoods and/or past relationships.. The issues for us as men, IMO...
  11. logicallefty

    A lot of dudes I know who peaked early are a mess entering their 30s.

    Good thread. I have seen this. Some of the "popular guys" in HS are now almost 50 and working in minimum wage or other low end service jobs. Football player then and 350 lbs now. Cheerleader then and crack wh0re now. I would rather shine later in life than early.
  12. logicallefty

    I had my first date in ages. Here's the good and the bad.

    I haven’t read all the replies to the thread, and I am sure every single one has value. What I will add to the conversation is that it’s a Numbers game in every way. She could’ve looked at you as a 9.9 in attraction. But if a 10.0 came along, you are gone. Or at least stuck on the back burner...
  13. logicallefty

    How to check your woman?

    In the exact scenario of the OP, I always say "I am leaving. Are you coming with me or not?" They usually do. But by giving them a choice they don't try to play the "you are controlling" card about it later. Also, I think if they end up staying it gives them time to stew over where I may...
  14. logicallefty

    How many chicks have you slept with?

    So true. Women tend to only count the ones that they do when NOT cheating on a hubby/BF and they also enjoyed it. Example: Cheats on hubby/BF + didn't enjoy it -> not counted Cheats on hubby/BF + enjoyed it -> not counted Didn't cheat + didn't enjoy it -> not counted Didn't cheat + enjoyed it...
  15. logicallefty

    My d$ck is broken, still get b1tches

    I don’t get compliments on my member size because I am not the most hung horse in the barn. Average. But I get dozens of compliments on the finishing Os i give women. My current woman I am seeing a medical doctor. She said this and I quote “ you find places on my body that I didn’t know existed...
  16. logicallefty

    First Experience With Latina Woman

    It’s funny you mention that. My Puerto Rican chick and I talk a lot about the dating scene in general. I have also talked to her niece about it who is 31. They both told me that they think white women are crazy! They told me Puerto Rican women and other Latinas are capitalizing on getting...
  17. logicallefty

    First Experience With Latina Woman

    Nope, not even close. lol
  18. logicallefty

    First Experience With Latina Woman

    I can’t argue with anything your saying. Especially since you are from NYC and she used to live there. You may be right. But unfortunately I have never been one of those guys who liked to change himself for other people or “do it because they do it”. Especially now, and at my age, for a woman...
  19. logicallefty

    First Experience With Latina Woman

    I dress the same as men in my family always have; jeans, plain t shirts or ones with small logos, a collared shirt over the tshirt sometimes. And that’s pretty much it. I don’t wear the ball caps like a lot of guys from my area do. I never understood dressing up on an average day. Now for a...
  20. logicallefty

    True or False: Girls only sh*t test when they like you

    you know, I think a lot of women these days shyt test to build up more reassurance in their mind that you are the one they want to keep at this time. It’s like part of them wants to get rid of you, and part of them wants to keep you. So they toss in the shyt test and see which part wins. I...