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    Recently swallowed red pill / intense ex / children / lost and confused

    IMO man, this is the route. All you need is the eventually. A simple explanation to them in a manner that will just say if you need me for anything, I’m a phone call away. Anything else seems like the cutthroat mayflower I’m imagining you’re trying to avoid.
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    Recently swallowed red pill / intense ex / children / lost and confused

    Are the children old enough to understand if you explained things to them?
  3. K

    Having trouble and mental block from online texting and dming.

    Is this OLD or women you meet IRL and get their number? Truthfully - women with high IL will make it easy for you. If it’s you who’s doing a lot of the opening text and searching for the right thing to say, it sounds like she’s not throwing the oop due to low interest…which is a natural...
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    When u dont wanna threaten divorce/break-up/defcon 2 punishments/consequences

    I agree with the withdraw attention to extreme walk-away. In my experience, it should never get to the point of “serious foot-downness”. That’s the gray area of “alpha” that I think men sink too much into where I just think there’s a much better frame out there. The aloof/indifferent cool guy...
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    Cold Approach (Mode X) Field Report

    Keep it going lol
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    Online Sext Text Or Keep It Clean?

    Lol ^ Simple yet a Slasher. A glass of water with a Purple pill.
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    Sh!t Tests for Dummies

    Sh!t test are passed 100% naturally and failed 50% unnaturally What I mean by this is that if you really don't care- you can say anything and a female will register your body language, tone, and flat out vibe in that small of a window to get her answer to her subconscious purpose. If you...
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    Petition to BAN bigneil, aka bigfraud

    A lot of betas and/or women in disguise are getting exposed today and @bigneil isnt one of them. Come on SoSuave
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    3-some Trend

    That's awesome. And you just throw insults in a reply without any insight or commentary to prove your point. Walks like a duck...
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    The Looker Wants Me To Go After Her Friend

    What are you two guys doing? @Renault don't listen to them. Am I the only one reading this understanding the confidence and abundance of this guy? He gets it. He understands that he was turned down and he ate it like a man and asked about what he can do to use these women to get other women...
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    Women are frauds

    I'm with you, but in most cases...because I know terms can have emotional or unemotional under linings to them...but in most cases calling someone a fraud is out of bitterness. I've rarely seen someone call someone a fraud even in a joking manner...horn dog? Sure. That's what I believe this...
  12. K

    Women are frauds

    But I will say this for the thread. Women are not frauds...they are women. You need to really get this stuck in your head if you ever want to be redpill aware and also enjoy women. You are viewing women from a males lens. You are comparing their morals and character to a males. This is...
  13. K

    Women are frauds

    The one thing that happened early for me is when I realized majority of women if not all love drama and gossip. Sure some men do too...but I'm talking that going out your way to sniff and scoop that really showed me the light. When older women In your family and your friends family do it...then...
  14. K

    3-some Trend

    1. Because she isn't going to be excited when you want to go fuhk some other girl. So you make majority of your decisions based on the reaction of what a woman your involved with gives you? 2. Because she can't have sechs with a random dude with out getting attached. You do see a bunch of...
  15. K

    3-some Trend

    Your advice is welcome...but my question is a inner one so hear me out.... ...why? If you are giving her a one way ticket to **** with other guys...what's so wrong with that? This is more of a question to question your inner game and awaken you from Beauty and the Beast but I genuinely want...
  16. K

    I think i went too far

    Well what do YOU want to do? If you want to see her, Tell her you'll be in her city and that you want to link up at a specific time. Her response is your answer. If she's hesitant at all, says no, or counters with something YOU GENUINELY do not agree with or doesn't work for you....don't act...
  17. K

    I think i went too far

    Sounds like you are timid to lead. I usually would have brushed this off once I read LDR but I want to help you in your situation. You are a man. You need to lead. If you want a feminine woman, let them be feminine and you state your wants and desires. If they say "no" or don't even give an...
  18. K

    Creating Infatuated Women - Female Orbiters

    Mastering Dread Game. When you speak of harems and what not, you are subliminally pointing towards the use of dread game and how it affects women. In my recent post I have advised for men to frame situations to women so the men control the situations by treating their situations like a harem...
  19. K

    Women clinging on to the last of their looks

    I kind of see the point of this thread but to me...this sounds like a woman who's respectable In the sense that she has gotten the most out of her potential physical looks. Sure it may be fueled by insecurities but for majority of women, validation is the goal in life and I respect her work...