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  1. Ronaldo7

    Journey to Europe

    I will be traveling for a month during December to Spain, France, Italy and Greece. I will be traveling to Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza in Spain. France will be Paris, Monaco and St. Tropez. Italy will be Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence. Greece will be Athens, Mykonos and Santorini...
  2. Ronaldo7

    How to be a Fvckboy 2018-2019 Guide

    It isn't necessarily "anti-social". The correct term would be unconventional. One can be unconventional, yet lurk very close to the surface of social settings. Destructive? From what perspective? I respect your opinion if you decide my post is "garbage", but i completely understand your view on...
  3. Ronaldo7

    How to be a Fvckboy 2018-2019 Guide

    Love, politics and war represent three elements in which one should not invest real, tangible emotions. The strategy works on all women. Some take more time to collapse than others. Not every chess game is straightforward. One should observe (and expose) the fragilities within the opponent's...
  4. Ronaldo7

    How to be a Fvckboy 2018-2019 Guide

    Numerous plates (and female friends) have told me I should write the guide on How to be a Fvckboy. While other beings might have felt attacked or offended, I felt immensely empowered by the idea to transmit to other individuals my knowledge on how to effectively penetrate women’s thoughts and...
  5. Ronaldo7

    Looks v game

    Physical appearance wins. Trust me, i thought game had more to do with getting the women but i was wrong. Looks is the difference in playing in God mode and being invincible vs being crushed in it. If one has the physical attributes, one will always have an advantage above others.
  6. Ronaldo7

    bigneil's New Model

    Greetings Guru, Girl 1:8.5 Girl 2: 7.5 Girl 3: 6.5 Last girl is truly a 10. As far as brunettes go.
  7. Ronaldo7

    Observations from bouncing at a club.

    Best post in the thread, sir. There's a reason why the Renaissance was the best period in history.
  8. Ronaldo7


    In the book called the 48 Laws of Power (which @Atom Smasher recommended to me), it illustrates how an individual can make a transgression of the given law. And how he will be severely punished for it. I slept with a woman on Saturday. It wasn't anything to do with her. As always, it had to be...
  9. Ronaldo7


    Don't go down the path. It will reduce one slowly. Depending on various factors, one will have a great abundance of women flock to one's side. One will become despondent over time. There's no meaning to anything. One becomes a cold, frivolous beast. One will come out as a copy. Identity becomes...
  10. Ronaldo7


    There comes a point where one realizes this type of lifestyle isn't meant to be. I could be jaded, but i feel completely empty & exhausted from parties and women. I look back to when i first started posting here on So Suave. I would have jumped if anyone on here would have told i'd be sleeping...
  11. Ronaldo7

    shy and have poor confidence, need advice

    You don't want anyone to love, sir. You want someone to fornicate with. Love is a mist of emotions. Only gullible beings are entrapped by it. You need to satisfy your physical needs with a woman. You need to fulfill your essence.
  12. Ronaldo7

    Believe I just missed out on an alley-fvck

    Not trying to be rude. Just some personal advice. Women come in due time. One must organize ideas & thoughts first. One feels better when one has organization & structure within.
  13. Ronaldo7

    Believe I just missed out on an alley-fvck

    Seriously? Not being able to afford a taxi? You shouldn't bother to go out. Concentrate on building a financial structure first.
  14. Ronaldo7

    If you're already high value there's no need to demonstrate it.

    You seem to have misunderstood the metaphor. It was to highlight the importance of dressing up for the objective. As @BeExcellent mentioned, the trained eye can differentiate from quality in the perceived target's appearance. Gucci loafers & Valentino shoes do make a difference. One is paying...
  15. Ronaldo7

    If you're already high value there's no need to demonstrate it.

    Materialistic? Harsh adjective to use. It depends what one wants to obtain. One is judged on one's appearance. If one thinks to achieve success with an 8+ woman, without having an impeccable appearance, one is sadly mistaken. I have a particular taste. I can't settle for less. I need to look...
  16. Ronaldo7

    Your Experience Of Dumping Someone You Loved?

    Don't think about it. Erase every memory you have of her. You will suffer greatly if you don't. Move fast, think forward.
  17. Ronaldo7

    Trump's Travel Ban

    Trump needs to maintain his formidable frame. He has set out to fulfill his promises with all of his might. The travel ban is a necessary measure to implement. He has never stated all muslims are terrorists. However, those seven countries are the birthplace to the vast majority of extremists...
  18. Ronaldo7

    Conquering an escort

    Not at all. I just wanted the achievement. She's another mammal's head I'll hang on the wall.
  19. Ronaldo7

    Conquering an escort

    This one was to brag about looks wise.
  20. Ronaldo7

    Girlfriend and I on a freeze out after I ignored her, now what?

    Cancel her. She doesn't understand the patriarch is there to be served upon. There hasn't been any matriarchal societies in history. Patriarchy is the cornerstone of everything.