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    Minimum Leg workout for Hypertrophy

    Grams of steroids by your own admission has done a lot of the work. Let's be real bro. Yes you have to be on top of things but it gives you huge margins for error others don't have and it completely overrides the body's normal rate limiting of muscle synthesis which caps the potential growth of...
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    Niches: what are the advantages & disadvantages?

    It means you will likely become much better and hone your skills within that niche to the detriment of outside that niche.
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    Marriage question

    Just like Grandmaster Flash warned you back in the day in White Lines...
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    New study slams "years of shoddy research" about Red Meat...finds it is not "bad for you" nor is it a health risk

    This has no basis according to what they found. Again. You seem unwilling to accept that information and how we view things change over time.
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    Unsatisfied after not opening a girl at a coffee shop

    Doesn't matter if he fvcked it up or not. You are going to fail a lot before you figure out how to succeed. Trying to avoid it instead of embracing it will not get you anywhere.
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    Marriage question

    There is no standard timetable for this.
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    He likely feels she is the best he can do.
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    Best Break Up Advice You Wish You Knew

    The more you are OK if you get dumped and walk away happy, the more they will chase after you for a while and want to get back with you.
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    She can't let me go

    Some people love toxicity. Seems you like it as well.
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    Unsatisfied after not opening a girl at a coffee shop

    OK, now you understand that the pain of regret stings more and lasts longer than a rejection.
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    Initiating sexual chatter online

    The 50% that are into it will flake 95% of the time when it comes time to meet up.
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    Apocalyptic **** Test or What?

    I'd just say something like..."Well, that's a great strategy to maximize your tips." and keep it moving. No need to always win every battle. Some things simply aren't worth your energy or time. Someone who is secure and confident in themself doesn't worry about silliness like this since it's...
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    How bad is the Testosterone crisis in men? The average 22 year old today has lower T levels than the average 67 year old had in the 1960s

    Yeah all thousands of them out there right? Also, consider the largest organ in the body has specifically been designed to capture sunlight and then it into Vitamin D in the skin. That doesn't make ANY sense to say that you should be getting it from food. Clearly your body is designed to...
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    A lot of weak men!

    Nothing to do about learning. Everything to do about Testosterone or lack there of.
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    Is getting testosterone going too far?

    There is no difference between any of the creatines other than cost. This has been debunked several times in various studies.
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    Is getting testosterone going too far?

    You can think whatever you'd like. My vitamin D level was 117 taking 10,000 IUs a day, and I had to cut back to 5000 IUs.
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    How do you avoid being born in a place that is a 3rd world country like 70+% of the population on earth? Or being born with genetic disorders that leave you in a wheelchair or unable to live a normal life? If you live in a house with running water and electricity and have food in your fridge...