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    Sarging after a breakup

    No thanx! I don't wanna think about your "Morning Wood"!
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    Different Religion

    How would I deal with this? I wouldn't date someone who was of a different faith than me in the first place. Then it wouldn't be an issue right?
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    Are there any specific point for girl that already had boyfriend

    "It's more a challenge game" eh? Whatever... If her bf ever caught You messing with his girl, He'd give you a new challenge! The challenge of recovering from his fist pounding-in your face! Do yourself a favor, and work on one of the thousands of other AVAILABLE women out-there. Don't be a...
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    The best Revenge... If that's all you did was tell her friend what she said about her, then that's good enough revenge. I wouldn't do anything beyond that as far as revenge goes. I too was recently "betrayed" by someone I care very much for. But I have decided that the best "revenge" is...
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    foreign women

    "How can I get her to notice me more?" That's NOT how it works. That's something a girl would normally say. You are supposed to "notice" her! Go-up to her and talk to her. Then ask her what she likes doing for fun, then ask her to do one of her favorite activities with you...
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    Learnt my lesson

    "once I get whatever belongings I have at her place I will never see her again..." a)Why do you keep your stuff at her place? b)This sounds like an AFC excuse to see her again! Unless it's something expensive, let her have-it and move-on with your life.
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    NHY inspired -

    You don't belong here! Why is this being discussed in the "mature man" forum which is for men 25 & up if you are only 19? It doesn't matter old "mature" you think you are, you don't belong in this forum!
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    How do you guys eat so much??

    Ah! to have your "problem" once again would be priceless!
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    My GF cheated on me in LTR.

    Get-out! it doesn't matter how mature you think you are. This Forum is for men who are 25 and older. So get-out!
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    Fighting over girls...

    Be careful... Or you can calmly take your gurl by the hand and lead her out of the venue to some other fun place. Although I sympathise I don't think the cop will when he arrests you for assault. Do you wanna goto jail and be bubbas *****? Unless your gf is being physically attacked, you...
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    Games women play?

    You did good but... To REALLY show you don't care about her dating the other guy, You should have NOT asked her any questions about him! Just say something like, "well good for you!" and leave it at that! When a woman tells you she dated another guy she's testing you to see how secure...
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    What was she up to?

    My Theory... My Theory is that perhaps she just wanted to say "Hi" to your buddy, whom she's aqquainted with. If so, she's being friendly and cordial. Just because she's a friendly person, doesn't mean she's trying to flirt or lead anybody on or play with his head. Your friend is wrong...
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    Am I reallly being an *******?

    Wrong Forum Buddy... This Forum is for men 25 & older. If I read what You said correctly, You are 22 right? If so, you are posting to the wrong forum. It doesn't matter how "mature" you think you are.
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    Old Relationship-Emailed her

    Dude! Dude! Your current gf is pregnant w/Your baby and you're still trying to get-back with your MARRIED ex? You gotta get your head examined!
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    The Damn Dog

    agreed... This sounds alot to me like dating women with kids. I've tried it with a few ladies, and in my case they are so wrapped-up in their kids, that they make you have to endure second-class status. It's challenging enough developing a relationship without the distractions. I LOVE...
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    how to make an excuse?

    I don't think there's anything wrong with a "guys night-out" if his gf is cool with it. Just as I'm sure his gf likes spending time once in a while with her girlfriends. However, if you don't wanna hang-out with this guy, you are not obligated to.
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    how do I convince this girl I actually like her

    my opinion... I think she was wrong for expecting you to do what she wants on short notice when you already had plans. However, if you and her went to the party together as a couple, then you should leave together as a couple in most circumstances. That's just common courtesy. Unless you...
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    Ex girlfriend wrote to me

    Why?? Why would You want to "keep in touch" with a person who dumped you? If your boss fired you, would you be emailing him to "keep in touch"? You should be "keeping in touch" with other chicks and moving-on with your life. The only exception would be is if she contacts you and says that...
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    DAMMIT! She's f-in' married!

    I feel ya! One time I did a PhotoShoot with a model whom I ened-up having sex with for 4 hours. Then she non-chalantly mentioned that she's married!
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    Dance class anyone?

    For whatever it's worth... I think Dancing looks foolish. I don't see the allure to it! However, I also know that most women like it for some reason. My buddy met his gf in a dance class.