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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #2

    Is 2 minutes really a minimum, I've been making convo's with people lately, but even 2 minutes can be long sometimes, i think as long as you start the convo you're ok. I would play the length of the conversation by ear, I wouldn't want to make a situation awkward just to get to the 2 minute...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    Really good stuff guys. I'm a little late on the boot camp idea, just read it, but I like it. One thing I thought this site was missing, and here it goes . I made my own little program for myself but it doesn't have all the fine lines this one has. I've been making myself make eye contact...
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    Wrip Up Her Number

    I thought it was a good post. He was just saying if a girl is trying to play you, or you're askin AFC questions about her, move on.
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    rejection collection

    Great post, I think this deserves to be in the bible, it was inspiring.
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    ENDING Your Relationship

    I have a little insight on this topic. I just recently broke up with my girlfriend of a year and a half. It was actually a really good relationship, we never fought really. Problem is, I figured out a few things when we were going out. First off, I'm only 20. (I've mentioned this somewhere...
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    Pickup tip

    didn't quote right but anyway --So when they're blabbering on about themselves, LISTEN and REMEMBER.-- Good post. It's annoying that females talk so god d@mn much but it takes the burden off of our shoulders. It makes it really hard to LISTEN and REMEMBER sometimes, 'cause girls go into so...
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    Get out of LJBF zone !!!

    Hello, I also have a similar experience. I was friends with two girls for about 2 years when I was 15-17. I then got in a LTR for a year and 1/2. When I was single again, I called up one of them (the better looking one), we talked, and set plans to go the beach. The whole time we hung out, I...
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    Precious LOVE in the vortex of HELL!

    Yes, this is an old post, but it motivated me to respond. I think that most people are confused about love (not any of the above posters, all great stuff). They 'think' they are in love, but are not. Example, my friend says 'he loves his girlfriend', yet he cheats on her constantly.. Hmm.. I...
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    Looking to Marry the right Person?

    I realize this is old, just wanted to give my 2 cents. My brother and I have the same mom, different fathers. The way we treat women is a direct reflection of our fathers (atleast it was). My brother' father was an alcoholic and mentally abusive. My brother is a jerk and basically treats...
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    look at the body it means more then words

    I would agree that body language is a great interest indicator. I think that is just sort of something you should pick up through common sense/observation throughout life. It amazes me that people can be 18+ and not know how to read body language. It just sorta stumps me.. I mean, if you...
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    The Long-Term Relationship

    Just one note about LTRs. I'm 20, and I know a lot of people gettin hitched and such. The problem is, they do this after about 6 months in most cases. WTF?! That is way too soon. I've been in two LTRs, both roughly a year and 1/2, and I lived with both. I was completey happy for about a...
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    Signs of Attraction

    I realize this post is old. But, something about the whole pupils dilating thing. I think that we all recognize this subconciously. I could always tell by the 'way' a girl looked at me if she liked me. Reading about the pupils dilating just sorta clarified it for me. So I wouldn't...
  13. D

    Attitude: what to avoid, what to cultivate

    Yeah I know I'm really late in responding, but about the height. My brother is 5' 6" and gets more puzz than anyone I know. He is a jerk though, but jerks get puzz, so there ya go.
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    Treat All Women The Same (during the first two months)

    I think some people take these posts too literally. I mean, he is being literal, but at the same time you adapt to different people and situations. But, the ground work for how you pick a LTR or whatever, should be the same for a 10 as a 7. You don't want to spend your life with a b*tch just...
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    WAKE UP you AFC'S (part II)

    I realize this is a really old post. But for anyone who wants to get in shape quick, I mean 3 months, in your best shape. Go pick up a book called Body-For-Life, it took me two hours to read... Read it! Really simple program, really informative, and works great.
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    Friendship zone or hell? What do you call it?

    I realize this is a really old post, but I'd thought I'd post anyway. I had a girl just like this when i was 14, I was in love with her for 2 years and was just her friend (f*ckin torture). When I was 16, I finally said f*ck it and started talking to as many girls as I could. So I lost my...