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    Do I play it cool?

    I had a girl who was really interested in me at a clothing store. I was flirting with her and she seemed really interested should I of asked for her number there and then or was I right to play it cool?
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    Putting so suave tips and tricks into practise

    So I read the ebook you get sent in the so suave email. It talked about being confident and having a smile so I put it into practise. I was in a big designer clothing store I was buying a shirt and I asked a young woman for her assistance. I don’t know how it happened but I was so confident and...
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    Sex after quitting porn

    So I’ve recently joined a community and I’ve taken on a no porn no masturbation challenge. I’m 17 days in my confidence has gone through the roof I’m attracting females through the rational male. The thing is I had sex today and i shot my load way too fast this really shook my confidence. I’ve...