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    Do you guys think a 40 year old can get with a woman in her 20s?

    I regularly match with 20 something yo girls but on dating apps. I'm 6'6" and pretty decent looking and am a scientist. I won't date older than 30. I do feel like older than 32 and single tends to be damaged goods for the most part. I could be going out with girls 5 years younger but i smell...
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    Do you guys think a 40 year old can get with a woman in her 20s?

    I'm 41 and was pulling 20 yo girls up to 35. After 2 year LTR, 4 years out I've been on maybe 6 dates no ***** at all.
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    Thinking of giving up. Somebody think they have it worse? I don't know about that

    its easy to overlook your abilities when it seems like your experience a low point along your life path. You will only succeed when you recognize the actions you took that got you to the high point in your life. Sometimes these painful moments, as awful as they are, are just marking points...
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    Here is a brain picker for the gurus

    Actually during our conversation after she hopped off me, I firmly told her several times if she feels really uncomfortable, she really should go. I probably should have included that... Thats probably got something to do with why she ended up staying and me ****ing her again in the morning...
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    Here is a brain picker for the gurus

    Actually the conversation we had that night was more encompassing. She is actually a pretty intelligent girl and has been in a 5 year relationship. She had a rebound guy last year and now voila me. Accordingly she claims not to be seeing anyone else. She has admitted that she feels somewhat...
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    Here is a brain picker for the gurus

    okay so I've been seeing this gal for 3 weeks. She is awesome in the sack. Well one day she was riding me, dripping wet. She obviously wanted it. She tells me she cums more with me than with any other guy. But anyways she was on top and well I was kinda thinking to myself God you're going...
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    What would you do if you suspect your GF is/was a hor?

    hmm yeah I always like to say once a s-l-u-t always a s-l-u-t... she'll always have that slutty behavior embedded inside her.. just remember to keep her around only for sex
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    interesting.. well she gave me her # on wednesday and I texted her on thursday... I hear you on the tendency not to respond (on the chicks part). I'll let everyone know what happens when I call...
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    so this girl I used to have a crush on in middle school found me on yahoo 360... Well I asked for her number so I could text her at work when I got bored (she's still lookin fine) and she responded with her number and said call anytime. well I texted her last night when I was at a party and...
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    The most chumpiest website I've ever seen.

    dude I'm tempted to join that site just to stir up some ****... But I'm not that type of person...
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    Chicago Wings?

    what if I'm half asian?
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    Do Not Jack Off!

    I have a friend whose dad's doctor wrote on a prescription pad: regular masturbation to prevent prostate cancer. Releasing that **** is important...
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    Avoid NLP, EFT, Subliminal Messages

    Even on Amazon d o t com where you can see user ratings for certain books, its very difficult to judge whether a book is good or bad because people into self-help will go ahead and buy it, read it and if it gives them a handful of "aha" experiences, they will go ahead and give it a 5 star...
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    Stop looking for perfection, or you'll be looking at porn

    yeah bro even though I didn't read the content I agree with the title...
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    Avoid NLP, EFT, Subliminal Messages

    Have any of you listened to Richard Bandler speak? Or read any of his books? IE Frogs into Princes??? Fascinating read...
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    Avoid NLP, EFT, Subliminal Messages

    NLP is a very general term because so many people out there don't practice it the way it was intended. NLP is very difficult to subject to scientifically because people who use it don't always use it correctly. It enables you to more deeply organize your goals, and become aware of associations...
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    Avoid NLP, EFT, Subliminal Messages

    I disagree, after listening to Anthony Robbins and reading books from gurus like Richard Bandler, it does wonders for my inner game. There are some very intersting case studies involving NLP that have worked. Who cares if it has been refuted by the scientific community especially if its...
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    All men are ugly - An interesting viewpoint from a friend...

    asking 40 questions will bore her to death... Only ask enough questions just to the point where she STARTS looking bored... This will fatigue her mentally, and at that instant, and that instant only, surprise her with something attention grabbing. The marginality of change in her emotional...
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    Chicago Wings?

    projectchicagolair.com join www.projectchicagolair.com its a forum for people who want to sarge in Chicaaaaago! :D
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    Popping Wood In Public

    ummmm think unsexy thoughts think unsexy thoughts D'oh!