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    An experience of a Brown guy in the US, don't get why people say it is tough.

    I think part of OPs success might have to do with the fact he is at a leading college. Here the women are more intelligent on average, and things like race are likely to be less of a consideration in their choice of men. Also as another poster has pointed out, the fact you were born and raised...
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    Breakthrough Thinking - The Golden Rule of the Don Juan

    Nice attempt but I reckon it's more like... The worse one person wants something another has to offer the higher the price that person has to pay. So if a girl is hot and while you are averagely so and want her badly, the more u will have to make an effort. And I think it's a little...
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    Casilas kisses sara carbonero LIVE, world cup romance

    Ummm mikeyb the reporter is his girl-friend.
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    Brain Difference of Alpha/Beta Males

    I just love how people make big bold statements on these boards without having a damn clue. kingsam.. if u read a little bit beyond ur favourite PUA guru, u'd realise the thread starter might at least have a point.
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    Advice please: Lost my GF to her emotional sponge...

    Because every beautiful woman will have a ton of suitors on the sideline.
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    Persistence and patience pays. Evolutionary psychology says so. did you know?

    I've read that too. You have to remember that girls want a guy who will be faithful to her and will look after her kids. At the same time she wants her kids to have the best genes possible. So both persistence (for when she wants the dad) and being a challenge (for when she wants the "cad")...
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    How do you deal with guy friends?

    Recently got dumped by my girl because of a "nice-guy" friend of hers. If I could have done things differently, I would have gone along with her when she meets her guy friends. I think that's the best way to can try and suss out the intentions of her guy friends.
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    Should One Grow His Hair Out Long? Buzz Cut Vs. Long Hair - Female Perspective

    I think it depends on a person's facial features and hair. In my case, long hair suits me a lot better than short hair.. Those considering long hair should consider keeping some sort of a beard, just to give themselves a more manly look.
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    I'm a fat girl magnet, I seriously can't stop attracting fat girls

    At least you get fat girls. I only ever get hit on by gay guys!!
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    Broke up with first and only ever gf. Now what.

    It's in Physics. The bigger problem is that my overall grade is one lower than the usual cut off for graduate training programmes.
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    Broke up with first and only ever gf. Now what.

    My gf of two years cheated on me. And although she sometimes says she'd like to get back. I assume its only because she doesn't want to be the one breaking up or something. So guys help me out. How do I get my life back on track. First came the crappy University results, next, I've been jobless...
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    A suggestion

    Just because something can be done already, does not mean it shouldn't be made easier. How many times, after having started a thread have you gone on to have a look at similar threads?
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    A suggestion

    Just wanted to make a suggestion for these boards. Would not be possible to show up links to threads with keywords similar to those in the thread being read at the bottom of the page? I believe this would allow the thread-maker mainly and also others to see how situations similar to the one...
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    26...never really been a player

    Because she gets paid to do just that.
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    How would you react to your girl kissing a guy?

    I know, but what about the confession, telling the guy she'd never go out with him etc. Doesn't this show she'd still rather be with me, and shed rather be with me? Do u guys disagree that she's still interested.
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    How would you react to your girl kissing a guy?

    Well she wanted to get back and I agreed. After initially trying to get back I had stopped contacting her. Eventually a month or so later she decided she wanted to get back. I don't think we had a major problem then. Just a silly argument that got a little out of control. Also, this thread...
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    How would you react to your girl kissing a guy?

    Thanks very much for the responses guys. Maybe a bit more information is in order. I'll try and give as much information as I can give. OK firstly this girl and I have been going out for over two years. We live a fair distance apart, roughly 3 hours by train, so we used to meet roughly once...
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    Facebook Game

    Nice idea.
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    How would you react to your girl kissing a guy?

    Say a guy tries to kiss your girl and she kisses him back. Should this immediately lead to a break-up? My question is, does a kiss show there is something seriously wrong with the relationship? Or is it sometimes possible to simply get carried away in the moment. Finally if she were to...
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    "You know we're just going as friends"

    I wouldn't even take her to this dinner thing, unless you don't mind her flirting and perhaps getting it on with some other guy. Trust me, I'd never take a girl I was working on to a party or similar scene. This way you just make life even more difficult for yourself. Fair enough that you...