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    Starting Up a Business: Customer Base or the Business First?

    So, I've been planning a lot and thinking carefully about my business move for within the next year or less (don't want this to exceed that), and one of the critical questions I've realized after hearing some opinions that, before you get into a business, you should already have prepared your...
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    Best mate fallen into a right honey trap anything i can do ?

    Jesus, this is one of those painful things to watch....
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    BDP Ex-Wife is Getting Married on Saturday (Beta Sympathy Thread)

    This is actually a very human post. The feeling is really sympathetic and the description of the experience is sincere, and as I've said, human. What I realized here (a reinforcement of belief and knowledge) is that it's not really what we objectively have -- such as you having a girl of a far...
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    Blog/ help needed

    The bestfriend's text might be their ploy. I can't spend time thinking about this too much, but there's my two cents.
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    Bar and service industry girls

    So there's a deal about bartenders? Now, I'm curious. Will make time for this in the coming months or so.
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    My girlfriend is showing signs of declining interest

    Start looking for options. She'll figure that out one way or another and she'll act better again. This withdrawing is merely a big sh!t test and by acting more like a loving guy will make you fail the test. Dread and competition anxiety will do better than succumbing to that tantrum. In other...
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    Savings, Minimizing Expenses, Finding Cheaper Alternatives, Building Passive Income?

    This will be my first time being officially full-time employed, and I heard from a lawyer who was already very old, and thus, exprienced, said that you can't be rich in five to ten years. The reason according to him is that, while your income might be rising, your expenses also do. With that...
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    Tried to Cut My Losses by Cancelling First

    Whoa. I've reviewed this **** and realized it's kinda funny, but of course, I appreciate that I wanted to improve here back then. Haha. I would've have changed a thing if I were to go back at this time. Anyway, was just checking out this post and have already forgotten about this. Just funny and...
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    Back me up here brothers

    I don't think I have had an experience similar to this, but if we follow Rollo Tomassi's advice on stuff like that, it says that you shouldn't try rekindling broken relationships. It is better to use your spare time in building new relationships than trying to fix an old one. You, her, or both...
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    How to find prospective buyers and how to close a deal with them?

    Ok, this sounds like a great advice because it is action-oriented. Will send some more questions along the way after I get some milestones done.
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    How to find prospective buyers and how to close a deal with them?

    What materials would you recommend? If possible, something that would give me something to practice that will really cut me up to speed (from experience, there are really things like these). Thanks!
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    Making Moves on Girls in Related Social Circles

    It's not "my" social circle I'm talking about; it's how they will either try to avoid me, or start a competition amongst themselves. For example, let's say I'm flirting with both or three or four of them regardless of who was attracted first (me or any of the girls), will they warn each other...
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    Making Moves on Girls in Related Social Circles

    Say, you're hitting up two to four girls in the same university, or that they might not belong to the exact same circle, but their circles are familiar with one another. How do you go about this? We know about "the Girl Network", right? And we all know that most of the time, it's us...
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    EXCLUSIVE: From HB9 to WH0RE3

    Chill, guys. Each to his own taste. That aside, my face on first two pics: :o then, this: :nervous: The horror...
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    my 1 year progress after a very toxic relationship

    Hey, can you PM me? Let's talk.
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    my 1 year progress after a very toxic relationship

    That aside, hey, K_architect, you into architecture?
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    Decipher this message

    Keep it that way. Tell her that it would be rude for you if you just delete them. And also, you can take it to the next level and say that you're keeping them around in case things don't go good with her.
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    What's it like being a salesmen?

    The latter, sir. Supplies that will be used in the process of the construction, such as scaffoldings, etc.