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  1. K

    Abusive Relationships

    Easy, the girl above has no self-esteem. She doesn't realize that she can do better or she is afraid of being alone. Maybe she's less attractive than him. She may be very afraid of him. Could be due to a lot of things... That situation is extreme, though, and probably isn't appkicable to...
  2. K

    The Need to Dominate

    All right, I'm starting to think he's driven by hate at this point!
  3. K

    The Need to Dominate

    By the way, jakethasnake doesn't deserve the flames. I mean really, do you think he deserved all the rant attention he's now getting? Maybe there's something about their history that I'm missing. Or maybe P_Supremes' unwarranted retaliations are always this explosive.
  4. K

    The Need to Dominate

    Haha, well, I am amused with your points of view, P_S! As different as we are... I did not know you were once married. No need to get so personal and make so many assumptions. You assume I'm whipped, even though I'm an experienced DJ. Of course you're trying to discredit me, but this...
  5. K

    The Need to Dominate

    My view is that men are still the leaders in the relationship. Someone has to be. But there is an optimal leadership point and that point will depend on your woman's character. I think the scenario that is unclear is this: Use my advice if you are in an argument with a girl about something...
  6. K

    The Need to Dominate

    To clarify, I think men still need to make 90%+ of the responsibility decisions (where to go to eat, how to spend the money, etc.). What I mean by over-dominance is forcing her to do something she does not want to do. This thread is NOT meant to justify wussy behavior or promote nice-guy...
  7. K

    The Need to Dominate

    I did the player thing until I finished school (thanks to this site, of course). Dating several attractive women at the same time is an ego boost, but the relationships are shallow and the dates were costly on a “student income.” Because I chose the LTR path, does that mean I make sacrifices...
  8. K

    The Need to Dominate

    Also known as the excessive drive to win or the lust for power. I had this trait. My girl hated it, and so did I after I realized this part of me. I've seen a man's need to prove himself. To boast. To be stubborn. We will always be vulnerable to our tempers. We can never win every fight...
  9. K

    Field report: the tortoise approach

    Maybe you lack confidence. If any of these girls are interested, you are frustrating or disappointing them by not making a move. Nice guys are tortoises - you should go after what you want without excuses. I think you are too passive. Consider working towards being more assertive.
  10. K

    Insider trading

    I like how you think, C-do. Don't take offense from others here so easily. There are many bitter men on this site. But, perhaps you enjoy the ego boost of defending yourself in a witty manner - I enjoy reading these. Since you've given such a good report of your interpretations, I will...
  11. K

    success! beatin' em off with a stick!

    Don't stop now! Take pride, but continue to grow.
  12. K

    My dad... I can't believe he is sooo AFC!!!

    LOL, thanks for sharing this. I can imagine my dad saying these things, but he's actually a lot more indifferent to what I've done. He's seen the girls I get and thinks I'll be all right, I guess :)
  13. K

    Right in My FACE! Just read it to belive it!

    No, you don't need to do anything. That would be superfluous (beyond what is required). She has no interest in him. AND, you are not exclusive with her yet. It is inappropriate to act with these conditions. The disrespect you feel is your insecurity at work. I say, "Insecurity over what?!"...
  14. K

    Ex's friends spill guts + the evils of alcohol :(

    Ah, let the man recover. It sounds like a long, drawn out relationship. And by recover, I mean go on some dates this week ;) I like what MindOverMatter wrote. It reminded me of the girl monkey that swings from branch to branch - having that seed BF ready for when you break up... Heh...
  15. K

    Ex's friends spill guts + the evils of alcohol :(

    You ready for the withdrawal symptoms? You're pissed now, but how about a week from now?
  16. K

    Definition Of Insecure

    Calling the same girl more than three times in a day. Relying on women to make you feel valuable. Talking too much or saying something that's out of place. One of the first things AFCs should rid themselves of. Something a woman or a DJ can smell a mile away.
  17. K

    ****block question...

    He is nothing - ignore him. Take these girls out and fcuk them while he is busy IMing.
  18. K

    Help with Eye CONTACT

    You were supposed to approach after the eye contact. She thinks you are chicken **** because you didn't act.
  19. K

    b.day - should i break up?

    Is there another reason to break up with her besides her not calling on time? I don't see that as a good reason to break up, especially since she apologized and has shown goodwill.