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    Just broke up with GF of 3 years...not sure what to feel

    sometimes you just need to spell it all out. Time to let the chips fall. When you get back she what she does.. That is all I have. You know the deal ..
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    It's like you just played Jumanji. I don't know about you but I already played Jumanji and this **** doesn't end well. If you put that piece on the board again.... just be glad it's over and she did block you. Mine never did. I pushed her close a few times too.
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    6 Months NC – Should I Unblock My Ex?

    I've been feeling the same way OP. Reason I stopped by here. See... I've been NC since late last year. She hasn't.. HER last contact attempt was about 5 months ago. She tried a handful of times within that frame. No clue how it would go now.. she was just so disrespectful the last time I...
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    Yea they always leave it hanging... Your trapped I can tell. I'm lucky I had solid experienced with these things too friends around to help me see **** clear. Leave it alone. Disappear. I remember reading advice just like you when it was still going on. I got desperate and afc but I must admit...
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    Social event with new colleagues

    What stops you from talking? Don't you wanna know who's cool or not? I always do a cool check. For instance If we were at the Coffee I'd say hey you ever see hateful eight when they drank the poison coffee? Crazy scene right? Or you hear the new etc... See who you want to be cool with not who...
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    Is New York City as much of a sausage fest as in this photo?

    That's not normal NYC... there's areas of manhatten that would spin you with woman in the bars or just out and about. Town on the edge of NYC too.... trust me.
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    Still not getting out of the friendzone.

    Wait wait. His obvious next step is delete her.... Its toast. It is. BUT There a few steps where you screwed up early. So you need to look at where you went wrong in those opening conversations. Tinder but she's "seeing someone"? Sounds funny the two together right? You said something and or...
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    Are the women on POF mostly ugly white trash or is it just me?

    The quality goes back and forth on OLD. Youll find some really terrible ones though that will make you wanna jump off that's for sure. I did a clean sweep the other day of an online lineup and damn near deleted the app. ive found a couple decent ones. I smashed more than a handful last year...
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    The Power of Saying "NO"

    I don't think he meant ALL the time. This was actually a really solid post lol Sometimes you just have to tell her no is what I took. Not all the time but some guys never say no.
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    People who tell you "I'll call you" or "I'll get in touch with you"

    I think the two are completely different. With woman you should create a connection and leave it all to them. Business you go after it. Especially in a sales environment of any sort. For business sake if you create a possible opportunity and the person says they'll reach you and doesn't I...
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    Still a chance after my neediness and jelousy ruined it?

    just going to be honest. it's toast. I've made my mistakes but one like this you can't make after only 3 dates. Or before you have sex with her. You need to have sex with her at least multiple times and seen a decent amount of each other to recover. And even then you might not. Depends how...
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    went to the club with body odor

    It's not the end of the world. But you gotta bounce back bro chug a 5th of cologne next time, maybe a dif club new girls, and wear some old spice like war paint.
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    Are you done yet?

    Anytime this type of situation has come up it was the end. Exit.
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    UNDERemployed Male Millennials UnDate-able?

    I guess I'm "underemployed". Yet... I live on my own, nice lil setup. Have a nice clean car. I dress better. If you make six figures but you wear open toe sandals I've already won. Anyway the truth is. Do I think id create more opportunities with more money? No question. I have a friend...
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    I'm fraid of having accounts on social media

    if you have tons of friends it's a good tool. Which I do. Otherwise I think you could do without it.
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    Women who take zodiac signs seriously

    Yup. And I'm with you man. Pisces girls love me bro banged a few. Cap too. I almost banged the whole zodiac. Aries and Aquarius and I'm done lol
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    Tinder girl won't give out number

    One of the hotter ones I found on okc she wanted to just talk on the app first....we met and communicated on there. Green light.
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    Women who take zodiac signs seriously

    Chicks dig Leos I'm good with the stuff I'll twist it around to how hers would work with mine
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    When she doesn't mention her boyfriend...

    Signed in just to like this lol "borefriend" I'm dead
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    Which side has the best women?

    Not too shabby in the tri state... But I'd like to see what west coast girls are about for sure.