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    You Don't Ever NEED Women

    I'd rather get millions with a Maserati over marriage anytime!
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    Getting tired of this sh!t

    So how do you covertly qualify prospects? Isn't straight up asking that question am overt display?
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    analyse this text convo

    I'd just delete her ass now.
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    What to do when you slip up?

    Go ghost and move on. Get equipped.
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    Biggest Mistake you’ve ever made with a woman ?

    1. Going past two strikes. 2. Going back to an ex. 3. Hanging out with a girl after getting LJBF'd. 4. Took it slow with a woman when she said it, became a beta orbiter. 5. Gave a girl a rose on the first date before actually going out on it Take your pick. What's the worst of 5...
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    How should I proceed? Girl flaked

    It's said a lot on here. The celebrity maxim. Ever heard of it?
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    Super Beta Simp Travels to China Only to get Rejected

    I'll nominate this dude for an Oscar in "Worst. Beta. Ever."
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    caught off guard

    I never go back to exes.
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    How should I proceed? Girl flaked

    Anytime a woman flakes or stops responding to you, you either fvcked up in the attraction process, failed to be better than her other options, or fvcked with an attention hor. Delete any new woman who flakes on you. If she's doing this now, what the fvck makes you think it will get better? Get...
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    How should I proceed? Girl flaked

    When a woman flakes on you, you have failed. Would she suddenly have a best friend coming into town in George Clooney asked her out? Nope. You wouldn't have a best friend want to hang out with you all of a sudden if you had a date set up with Katy Perry. Your last text was sprayed with eau...
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    Taking a break from gaming bxtches

    Problem is, though it's good to take a break from women, you can't do that and have women flocking to you a month later.
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    How do you guys deal with blurs?

    Hey guys, maybe you can shed some light here. I want to know how you deal with blurs. For the record, a blur is when a girl stops responding to your calls and messages, even though she was initially interested. I tend to just kick them to the curb no matter what. Sometimes I will tell...
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    When a girl asks for your number?

    I know not to give my number out first, but what do you guys tell a girl when a woman, mainly online asks for your number, but won't give you hers even when you ask?
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    Rejected after passionate kissing on first date

    Right now, you're just a friend. Your princess is in another castle! She likes her friend (lover) more than you. Get equipped.
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    "I have plans." Rejection? A "not yet"?

    Early rejection. Next any girl instantly who flakes or gives a lame excuse. Would she do this to Brad Pitt? She'd make herself so available.
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    There's always another guy in the picture. Girlfriends texting another dude

    If you feel your princess is in another castle, she usually is.
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    Skipping Valentine's Day

    F*** Valentine's day! It's just for couples! If you're a single man and go to a bar, it will be a sausagefest! Give up on V-day aka national tricking day if you had nobody a week prior. otherwise, v-day is overblown bullshyt. Get equipped.
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    How to Handle a Flake For Dummies: The Fool Proof, 4 Steps Guide!

    When a girl flakes via text, next her. I respond "gay" in a flake by text. Any flake should be nexted. Since girls have so many options, they should only get one strike.
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    Is she interested or not?

    The very fact you have to even ask this question is a big fatass no. Get equipped.
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    Canceled second date...thoughts?

    A girl always has reason to lose interest. So does a man. Think about it, if a woman gets approached by a man better than you (average man asks her out, then a NBA rookie asks her out), who do you think she'll flake on? The average man will think she's sick. The reason why flakes get the rep...