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    Those AFC morons make me angry..

    I feel you on that one, I mean they dont even go and talk to the chicks but they have the nerve to try and play you for getting rejected.
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    No one alike

    Brazil that could not be more true. because he cant be you and you cant be him. The minute you compare yourself to someone else your shine is tranished.
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    Try this for a confidence+attitude injection

    Funny, Ill probably start laughing if I do this
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    This will help! (THE ZONE)

    First I would like to say this is a great site. 2nd I noticed something, a big topic here is being confident, acting natural, being yourself, knowning the right thing to say etc A great way too increase all of these traits is meditation....do not be scared of the word meditation. It has...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    Great post!!!!!!!
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    blowing the kiss...this works!

    I will try this and I will report my results
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    Being playful with girls

    DJXTC do what your doing and continue to do it.. I can tell you set your own standards. I feel the same way if their feeling you already you can say anyting to the female and win. Your right they can see through that bs, especially if its word for word. This site is great and ive have received...
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    Direct appoarch

    Whenever I try to get some womans phone number I use the direct appoarch. I dont say "may I" or "maybe I" or "can I" I just say "I want your phone number" very firm while looking into their eyes... I have a 90% success rate. Even those who have said no look at me like whoa!! And they cant help...
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    Kill that desperation!

    Great post I mean I've had a few women go crazy over me (I dont know why?) But they would just be every where and call, you know the desprate bit. And some of these girl were hot... but after that they seemed unattractive too me. (But I still hit the skins..... just playing!)
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    Are You Attracting the Right Kind of Women?

    "The soul attracts what it desirses and fears" James Allen
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    Wow! Completely called out on my own games

    If she says shes been hurt then mirror her and say youve been hurt but like freewill said don't sound like a wuss. BUT YOUR WINNING!
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    Wow! Completely called out on my own games

    Do you even realize your winning? Its obvious that this woman has been trying to figure you out. MEANING YOU HAVE BEEN ON HER MIND FOR SOME TIME NOW...
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    Wow! Completely called out on my own games

    Ahh ha You see you need to use what I like to call the turn around. She is very observant, and you seem like your a person with a great imagination. Just make up a story, make it out to be a confession. Make it up so, she feels shes getting to get deeper into you, make up a story of how you were...