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    Fellas, this will save you time and trouble

    If you value your time, then 2 strikes is the way to go. -It's just the right amount of persistence without coming off as the creepy annoying guy who won't take the hint. -It will weed out the attention wh0res who will string you along for the attention and/or free dates. -It will weed out...
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    Is it Biology, Evolution, Science, that we guys always have to do the approaching?

    Good point Tiguere. We have more freedom now to choose, but the dynamic hasn't really changed much. Women still seek "protection" just as much now as they did back then. Their selection criteria of course has evolved over time. Back then it was strictly "can you provide for me and my children"...
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    hypergamy is not a caste system

    I get what you're saying Findog. Just because your wife can trade up to a bigger better deal doesn't mean she should. While I would want my potential long-term mate to have standards, I don't want her to be so Darwinian as to dump me the minute I "slip up" somehow and lose "man points." Every...
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    How can one be good with women if your not that attractive?

    I get complimented regularly on my looks and physique by strangers yet I still get rejected by the women I pursue. So no, being attractive does not make it any easier or guarantee easy street with women. Yeah maybe some guy who looks like Thor will have women throwing themselves at him but that...
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    Nightclubs-Difficult Environments

    Great advice Prettyboy. I will also add to get in great shape. I've dropped 20 lbs while increasing my build since end of last year. I'm getting a way more receptive female audience than when I was sporting the jowls and happy gut back in January (girlfriend will do that to you) Of course you...
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    An interesting comment to the "All the Single Ladies" essay

    Back in the 50s......the housewife cheated discreetly and the husband f*cked his secretary and/or paid wh0re. Everyone was content, but bored. It was a time when hypocrisy ruled. It wasn't better -- it just "sounded" better. You know, like Jesus referred to those "whited sepulchres," that were...
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    A mistake most guys do

    Aaahh cringe...I'm guilty of falling in this trap also. Overdoing the whole "funny charming casanova" routine just makes you look like a try-hard goober. You get too excited about the woman and fall into this need to "entertain" her presence. Calm, cool, sexual, confident....with a little...
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    Embarrassing bad habit....

    Thanks everyone for your feedback! Don't worry man....it happens. I know how it feels, you get caught up in the moment of being with a cute girl and lulled into a false sense of security. Talking too much and being too open in the beginning stages can only hurt you. Most women are looking...
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    telling your gf you're a virgin

    Why should your sexual history (or lack thereof) be anyone's business but your own? 9 times out of 10, you won't get an honest answer anyways. Guys will always fluff up their numbers, and women will conveniently omit their ONSs and gangbang with the hockey team. Say something too high and...
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    girls at the gym

    A gym is like any other venue....another opportunity to practice and hone my game. I personally take a stab if I see someone I like. If it works out great, if not then I've gotten another opportunity to improve my approach and conversation skills. Obviously you want to be subtle since...
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    Embarrassing bad habit....

    I'm the same way buddy. Putting everything on the table makes it too easy for her to pigeonhole you in a negative way. It's better to not disclose much to keep her guessing about you. You have to make her invest the effort to get to know you if you want her to stick around.
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    Embarrassing bad habit....

    Haha....words of wisdom my friend :D
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    Embarrassing bad habit....

    Trying to get back in the game after a year hiatus being in an LTR. A bad habit I picked back up has been talking too much. I naturally want to dominate the conversation and maybe in a group setting or with guys its ok but I forget to tone it down when I'm in a date setting. Don't get me...
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    Gas their hamster up AFC style!

    Let your actions define you. The words really don't mean much. Look at the lyrics of most songs, can't get any more AFC than that, yet these singers have no problem pulling whatsoever. In fact the AFC talk makes them even more wanted by women since it contrasts with the reality that these...
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    What is a good major to major in when in college??

    I don't see anything wrong with the liberal arts majors per se, its the entitlement mentality of the people taking them "oh once I have my degree, employers will be knocking down my door with job offers." I understand career opportunities are not as clear cut with the liberal arts majors...
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    A lot of the advice on SS is misguided

    Agree. Too much outcome dependence here. We're so worried about "scoring" that we come off desperate and pushy and its a wonder so many guys here fail with women. The contrast in my social life tells it all....I have very few "unattached" female friends, yet I always seem to be a huge hit with...
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    Chicks who want or think they are 'actresses'

    Let her take that risk man. Life's too short. Like Fairshake said, she already has her ducks in a row with a steady job, so I think she's being smart by having something to pay the bills while she pursues her dream. If she's a nice person and is passionate about this, then what's wrong with that?
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    What is a good major to major in when in college??

    There is no such thing as a "good major" as its all boils down to individual preference and what may be "good" fields of study for some people may be terrible for others. Don't pick a major/career that doesn't play to your strengths or personality just because its "stable" or "pays well" because...
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    Do you actually want to get laid?

    I feel exactly the same. This is the correct mindset to have. Good post.
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    Woman's point of view"The Polish Dentist"

    What the hell man....are you bipolar or something? Go read your last few posts.... http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=193478&page=3 You sounded like you were "going off the deep end" along with the rest of us. Sorry but that's just some weak sh1t what you just tried to pull being...