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    Plate Theory

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    Life, Love & The Monogamy Trap

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    Variety vs monogamy

    unless you go BPD, heh. the girl that drove me to this site was insane by every measure, but hey, at least the sex was fan-fukkin'-tastic, and i could have it anytime i wanted to, seriously. still, let me say that it's wise to stay away from this kind of women. the damage was fantastic also.
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    The Law of Attraction

    :crackup: Hmmm... well... for me, I think that a positive mindset helps. Not because it makes good things come to you, far from it. Instead, I think that it just makes you see the good of what is already around you and use it to your advantage. A negative mindset, on the other hand...
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    Giving a girl your number?

    DJ Bible. Read the Anti-Dump's machine. Even if you don't agree with the machine per se, the part about why you should not give a girl your number is spot on.
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    high interest, you fvck up is it always over?

    Read that again, Pete. You did just what the woman ought to be doing... nevermind she did what you should've been doing. Talk about role reversal here. You may win her back but... let me ask you: is it really worth it? I mean, you fvcked up. We all did. Hell, we DO fvck up every now and...
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    For all you whiners who keep moaning about your problems: My challenge to you.

    CC08, why do you care? others' experiences are none of your business. focus on you, that would be productive. focusing on others only delays your own progress. yes, I've been there.
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    younger chick always txting me - what gives?

    Sorry to bump an old thread on a forum I am not even allowed to pust, but this is pure gold.
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    The Map and Compass

    Amazing post, Vulpine. It's good to get back here and read gems like this one.
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    "no offence, but you're not the girthiest person i know.."

    that was amazing. sometimes guys get too wrapped up on the whole "how do I react to that" stuff and forget that they can just say "fvck you". simple, effective, and in this case very smart, as you don't want to put up with things like this, do you? Vulpine is right. Fvck what she...
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    Self limiting beliefs kill dreams

    I've been off for a while, but sometimes I get back to read some gems from Rollo Tomassi. He is my guru, as I say. And I come across this gem. Rollo, thank you. You are the man!!!!! :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: Yes, I just wanted to say thank you. Bye! :whistle: As a friend of...
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    You Will Always Pay for Sex

    Damn, even when I was with older women I was paying. They paid for everything - the trips, the hotels, the meals, everything. I just laid down that I was young and plain broke -- I did not spend $1, but they did not care. I gave 'em what they wanted, and I got what I wanted. Also, again, I...
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    :crackup: Older women are so easy. So easy it gets boring. They play hard for a bit, just because of the script, but after that it's game. And they are waaaayyyy too needy. It sucks. On the other side, they pay for everything. :cheer: I am out. I've had my fair share of them, but...
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    My Amazing LTR GF has a "Bad Past"

    There is nothing wrong in wanting certain traits in a girl. She might as well have kept this "threesome" stuff to herself and you would never suspected. Ignorance is bliss. But she told you. Now you can try and try and try, but hey: the problem is not with you, you did nothing wrong. This is...
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    From a brazilian newspaper: "Women search for a man wanting to be a dad"

    That implies American chicks do the same, right? :D What I found rather funny is that, in the brazilian article that I've read, the brazilian chicks mentioned the "biological clock" a hundred times, like "I have to have children as soon as possible, cause the biological clock is ticking, you...
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    2008 Enter The Cougar Craze

    I've had my share of "Cougars" and I can say that younger girls is time waaaaaaay better spent.
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    From a brazilian newspaper: "Women search for a man wanting to be a dad"

    Well, I was out of SoSuave for a while. Pardon me for my poor English skills (as I used to practice here), but this one belongs here! Well, this sh1t came here too! Seems like brazilian men started to realize that when they reach 30 and have money on their pockets and all, they don't have to...
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    Girlz Who Play Hard To Get After You Got Them

    Have other irons on the fire. (Thank you Rollo Tomassi!) I have a girl schedule to 7 p.m. -- yet she's late. No problem, I wait a little... you know, some tolerance is good. After that, I just call the other who I said I would be at a "work meeting" and didn't know when it would end. Whoops, it...
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    Pu$$y size

    Damn, I love all the *****... variety makes me really really happy! All shapes and sizes! :cheer:
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    I feel like I'm going to be a failure..

    Get professional help. I am dead serious. You'll thank yourself for the time you'll save by doing this. Trust me.