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    do your nerves grow when you gain muscle

    well actually i was asking if your nerves grew. ie when you get bigger wouldnt it make sense for you to gain more nerves. the reason i ask is supposedly you cant grow nerves but when you get bigger you can still feel everywhere on your body. so it would make sense if your nerves grew...
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    do your nerves grow when you gain muscle

    title basically says it all. dont you grown nerves when your arms and legs get bigger?
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    bad eyes

    well from everything ive read your eyes will only get worse temporarily from staring at a computer screen. look on google for improving your vision without glass, i think thatll do it. there are a few exersices that are suppose to help. ive been doing some of them and i do think its working...
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    What is Glycerin Soap??

    so is glycerin soap made with the glycerin mixed in with the rendered fat instead of the glycerin removed. ive tried to make lye soap before, it didnt work for me. i tried to make lye by pouring water through ash and it didnt seem to do anything. it sucks
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    thats cool man. are you religious at all? ive tried fasting before for religious reasons but i always stop early, and im just gong for a day. i think jtll be easier once i move out and i dont have food cooked and ready for dinner and all that. 5 dyas is alot
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    Protein, Carbs and Energy Levels

    no, not if they are good carbs, ie pasta and wheat brea. if you eat sugar all the time youll crash and then be tired. but for the most part, i think hes been brainwashed by dr. atkins
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    Beginners guide to becoming WEALTHY

    ooh lets talk about money again
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    sweating too much

    if i wear an underarmour shirt and get it completely wet and then walk around in the sun for a little bit it will dry alot quicker than a cotton shirt would...
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    sweating too much

    cotton does not stay drier than synthetics. there are all kinds of synthetics made specifically for wicking away moisture. find me a good hiking sock that is made of 100% cotton
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    Brad Pitt: Workout & Body [Merged Threads]

    man show me a picture where he looks 210. hes got a nice lookin body and all but hes not really that big. in fight club id say 175 maybe. if that much
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    Is my GF testing me?

    this reminds me of something that just came to my attention the other day. i think it was in a post by giovanni casanova. he was saying how whenever you apologize you are saying that you are wrong. and shes gonna think, hey if hes apologizing he must have done something really wrong huh. i...
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    Foods that don't mix together

    trial and error. my friend gets nausias, good spelling i know. when he drinks lemonade and chocolate milk in a short time period. but thats all i can help you with
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    "Suntan Lotion"

    the only thing you should buy is some vitamin b. when summer started and i would be out in the sun and get burned i looked for some info on the internet. it said b vitamins would make the sunburn not hurt as bad. well i had some b12 so i took i think 500-1000 mg. and after a shower i felt...
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    Fight Club?

    i just noticed something about the movie i never noticed before. the whole taking the balls thing, i never saw the symbolism in that
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    My Bench is almost there: 88.8% of body

    ok your doing too many reps, keep it under five. and you need to hit bench more than once a week. go to bodybuilding.com and go to the forum section and read around in the strongman powerlifting forum. 8-12 is good if your trying to get bigger but 5 and under is better for strengh gains...
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    Quick question about sucking in...

    i have abs that stick out. its kinda cool because i actually have muscles there instead of little skinny guys that are happy because they have a flat six pack. ha. well you can do vaccuums that are supposed to pull your abs back in by strengthening your inner ab muscles. i havent been dong...
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    Best suppliment

    multi vitamin and glutamine. those are good supplements
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    The 50-50 Girl !!!

    what the hell is your problem, seriously. shes trying to pay for stuff, is she poor, will her paying put her on the street. why should you have to pay anyway. oh yeah your a man, a man always pays, bull**** he does. i cant belive you would fight over this. the only reason it should bother...
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    Stretch Marks!

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    strange.. i have a question

    i always ask people this when they come to me with fitness questions. if your losing fat now and eating what you know should slow it down. what do you think would happen if you ate clean.