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    Knees Making Noise

    I'm just semi worried about cartilage breakdown in my knees
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    Knees Making Noise

    1. No. Did a few stretches today and it seemed to help. 2. I do warm-up sets before the work sets 3. At least parallel 4. Shoulder width with toes @ ~30 degrees. I've been thinking of constructing something to use to make sure i'm at 30 degrees everytime i do a rep 5. I use to not do...
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    Knees Making Noise

    Both of them make noise squatting down without weight. Squatting down just on my left leg I also get a pain focused toward the top part of my knee cap right of center(sometimes). Anyone of you guys that have been lifting a while had problems with this before? P.S. For guys just starting...
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    I have never been so..

    start doing some research on a subject that you feel might be interesting to you and/or could help other people. I myself have been looking into volcanic ash and throwing around ideas on how to control it because i believe yellowstone will blow in the future.
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    How Oil Companies FVCK US...don't believe the fvcking hype

    There was a video called "thrive" that mentions the few families that are most likely responsible for this corruption. Not sure if you can still find it though.
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    Excellent example of social conditioning - and defiance thereof

    It's unleashing animalistic instincts that cause "sex". Unwanted pregnancy? Stds? Before you put the head in you should be aware of the possible outcomes. Yaboi. Here's a question for you. If a woman feels that she is "hitting the wall" and wants to settle down and does so with an AFC...
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    How Oil Companies FVCK US...don't believe the fvcking hype

    The WHOLE system is a sham imo. Corruption is an understatement for what i notice going on. It is mostly based on greed and power from what i see. Not to derail your thread but this correlates to your overall theme: I was listening to a coast to coast am show last night and the man on the...
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    did the cop have a right to search my car?

    lmao. all they got to do is bring in a drug dog and "use" it to get to a point to where they can search your car. you're kidding yourself if you don't think they can get a dog to hit on a part of a car even if drugs aren't present.
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    Mathematical cataclysm predictions by Alexander Maratovich Zacharov

    http://www.youtube.com/user/Somethingintheclouds#p/a/u/0/ZCPsPsWPCYE this video has some of the recent activity of the earth. good video
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    It's gotten to the point where...

    Don't take b1tches seriously. I assume this woman is upper 20s and about to hit the wall anyways.
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    When To Cut It Off Or Confront

    OP is past the "Do No Wrong" stage. Good luck fixing this, looks like it might be too late
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    Beta Provider

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuERSRNKZXM Alpha? i say so.
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    How to win a 10?

    if you say she's a 10 then she probably thinks she's a 12... i believe you already fvcked up with the beta move of agreeing to her alternate plans. she gave you a 2nd shot(for whatever reason) you should have at least escalated to a kiss.
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    Man, I just give up on this whole thing

    read some of roissy's blog. roissy.wordpress.com
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    help, trying to bulk and making everything into shakes

    I've been on a hamburger helper/milk/protein shake diet plus 1 piece of fruit a day. At 6' tall ive gained roughly 9-10 (~160 to 170) lbs in 3 weeks. If you aren't gaining weight with your current diet. eat more. Don't train everyday. check out startingstrength.com
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    Ex GF Birthday Wish....

    OP. My ex(broke up sept '10) contacted me 2 weeks ago on saturday night. I was intoxicated and texted her back. We talked a little the next couple days(WTF was i thinking, lol) i got some,"i miss us being together" and " i want your arm around me while i fall asleep" type BS texts. a few hours...
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    How Feminism Ruined Dating

    How do we start to fix it?
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    The Road of Life