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    Femcvnt destroyed by Patrice ONeal

    Not true. Patrice O'neal was not the most famous nor was he the wealthiest. In fact if you followed O&A it's mentioned a lot about how he never hit the heights that he was supposed to. The man never wanted to compromise his character in order to be a part of Hollywood and as a result he was...
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    Femcvnt destroyed by Patrice ONeal

    Patrice O'neal had some GREAT advice. He had a show called "Black Phillip Show" where guys would call in asking for advice on their situation. I advise you guys to check out the show he had. There are quite a few gems on there. Remember, this is a guy who was obese and far from great looking...
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    Self-Confidence is Attractive

    This applies to everything in life. When you truly learn to believe in yourself you'll exude that confidence in everything you do. Look at pro athletes. The difference between Amateurs and Pro's isn't necessarily ability, It's more at a point where having an unshakeable level of self-confidence...
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    Wife screws our only vacation in years with cheating

    Break up now while you have the chance. Do not be stupid enough to have children with this woman. Just leave man, this woman has literally NO RESPECT for you and that's who you want to spend the rest of your life with? The damage has already been done at this point and if you stay with her I can...
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    I did one of the most nice guy, sickening things ever

    The fact that you're Insecure about is what makes it embarassing. There are cultures where it's a norm to do such. I wouldn't really do it, but dude grow some balls and stop being so insecure about yourself. If you are a straight guy then you don't need to be worrying about such nonsense.
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    Is there a racial barrier?

    Alot of crying and muddslinging going on in here. Nowadays most girls aren't necessarily put off by race. I would personally say that women are not put off by Asian men, but rather the (negative) stereotype of the Asian man. My advice (as an individual who has encountered many stereotypes as...
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    new girl in school, Ex GF gets involved.

    Your right. I'm just making excuses aren't I? I think it's just time to go in and step up that game. One last thing, if and when my ex tries getting involved would you recommend to just brush it off and blank her out?
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    new girl in school, Ex GF gets involved.

    There's a new hot girl in school, but as soon as she entered my Ex decides to make her join their group. Now I personally don't talk to much to my exes and I know she's **** blocked me a lot. Add to this there's always a bunch of low value guys hovering round her. How do I go about this? Chill...
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    Fat dudes/ugly guys DON'T get attractive women

    Not impossible because nothing in life is. It's just a lot harder when you are fat. But really, no one here has discussed the difference between being ugly and being unattractive. I can confidently say that an UNATTRACTIVE guy can't pull, but anyone can make themselves attractive(hit the...
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    fighting question

    Knee-stomp done correctly will finish any fight against an opponentno matter the size difference. Watch Anderson Silva's fight against thales leites and just imagine if those were used on a regular person and you will get my drift.
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    When in a fight...... People with experience please respond

    Had a few amateur Muay thai and K-1 rules fights. To be honest, the adrenaline i felt there was much greater than any street fight i've been in, possibly because of the added pressure of people watching you fight half-naked. What people don't understand is that being calm doesn't mean that you...
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    girl told you her exs are all black or was a black guy

    interracial marriage? :trouble: We don't take kindly to your kind. :trouble:
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    girl told you her exs are all black or was a black guy

    America seems really far behind when it comes to the topic of race. In fact, i can honestly say that here in Europe, there are PLENTY of people who date out of their ethnicity. Actually, the topic of interracial dating should not even be a topic. In Europe, you will find plenty of Africans who...
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    girl told you her exs are all black or was a black guy

    Dude, Attraction is not really a choice. Being NATURALLY attracted to a someone of different ethnicity doesn't make someone less proud of their ethnicity, it just means that this person is naturally attracted to someone who just so happens to be of a different culture or Ethnicity. One more...
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    girl told you her exs are all black or was a black guy

    Where on Earth did you get this idea that most black people aren't proud of who their race. You are generalising by assuming that black people from the west indies, Africa and the Black's in america have the same beliefs and culture's, this flaw alone means your argument is easily dismissed.
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    girl told you her exs are all black or was a black guy

    Technically the term Race doesn't exist seeing as different races are not able to breed together. Next up, alot of people make the assumption that the few "black people" they know (mostly in the states) represents the entire "black population." Ketosix sounds like the type who blames black...
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    Biggest differences between gaming tradtional girl/western girls

    Actually, i dunno about US chicks but i noticed that the more traditional women here in europe (eastern european countries) are much more feminine and tend to prefer a very masculine guy. But i guess it's all down to the individual, just play the game as best you can, and adapt to the situation...
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    If you think looks don't matter...

    Actually, your analogy is wrong. A beaten dog may fear an abusive owner, but may still bite him once he turns his back. Fear is NOT respect. From what i gather you sound very insecure Mr Duff, perhaps you spent alot of your life being the pushover? I dunno, only you could answer that one. But i...
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    Her father doesnt want her with a black guy...

    Act your age dude, he's just a kid. :down:
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    She Cheated...

    Forgive but DO NOT forget what she did. Don't give her the satisfaction of being able to manipulate your feelings. Accept what happened, drop her and move on. You really do not need a girl who would cheat on you with TWO guys in the space of 20 MINUTES. This party was a blessing in disguise...