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    Hot girls that get it - Jenna Marbles

    It's funny cause if she was fugly/nerdy type, no one would give a sh1t what she says.........but because she's a decent type, she's considered well adjusted & confident.
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    Facebook, Myspace, IM = DEATH!!!!!

    Yea man, 100% with ya! Unfortunately people are getting boring these days cause of this new aged networking sh1t, it's making everyone androids that don't have personalities, that's why fvcking awesome guys like you & me are not as common as they used to be..... Most people will go with...
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    WARNING! WARNING!!! Do not use POF....

    fvck! this forum used to be cool, now it's full of trolls that actually think Pof is a good idea
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    WARNING! WARNING!!! Do not use POF....

    cause your questions are already answered
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    WARNING! WARNING!!! Do not use POF....

    If all the girls in the real world is chasing your tail you wouldn't need online dating.......that simple, it's just a waste of time I know I'm not gonna change some of you guys opinions, but don't encourage the notion that it's a good thing to troll online dating sites when a lot of these...
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    Girlfriends talking/hanging with guys from the past

    If she really liked you, she'd go out of her way to make sure u never know.... look man, just assume every girl is a slut......usually the innocent ones are the most sluttiest (undercover sluts) if a girl thinks she will get away with it she'll do it......ooh some of the stories you wouldn't...
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    WARNING! WARNING!!! Do not use POF....

    cheese, u guys must not have lives (u know who u are!) internet dating is for women........& desperate guys the more u try to defend it, the more u make it obvious now is someone gonna give sound advice on here or what
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    WARNING! WARNING!!! Do not use POF....

    el gantry, or watever your name is.... Your gonna find that the real dj's in here are gonna back me & probably bash into you (even though that's not a very dj thing to do) I skimmed through your response cause it was just so dam long, look I'd understand if you're trying to defend yourself in...
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    Becoming in great shape

    well I gained 8kgs (bout 17 lbs) in 40 days... weather you believe it or not that's your problem
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    WARNING! WARNING!!! Do not use POF....

    was gonna add something to the OP but fvck it..... wat I add is that not only are the girls on dating sites damaged goods but women in general are damaged goods........so why go the extra length? there just not worth it.... That being said, if there is any "fixed" women anywere, what the hell...
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    WARNING! WARNING!!! Do not use POF....

    Made a fake profile on pof, all I did was got a hot chick photo from the net (sexy but sophisticated), didn’t even put a description, got 50 massages within 24hrs, couldn’t believe it.....this was without any effort whatsoever, & found out that I even had a 18-27 criteria, so it could have been...
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    Post funny stuff here.

    Funny ass animal voice overs... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGeKSiCQkPw&feature=aso http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JynBEX_kg8&feature=relmfu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8-3Ui0uELU&feature=relmfu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ltcWcwnPfY&feature=relmfu
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    Go F**k Ten Other Women!

    Fvck, I love the OP, GFTOW is totaly an awsoume, cut all bullsh1t idea. I don't know why some guys are dissing it, I can totally see what gftow is setting out.....it just cut's through all the bullsh1t of games & techniques & goes straight for the pu$$y.... i love it!!!
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    does the game change after you've already had sex with a girl?

    Hollysh1t guys, if you have to change anything it means u'r a phony & u'r faking persona just to get her in the bag... fvck, if u have to change after bagging a chic, u'r not only cheating her u'r cheating u'rself... U should have shuch a strong frame that u don't have to change for anyone, on...
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    Not your usual rant

    So then u'r saying that all fugly/nerdy chics are well adjusted & confident? It's funny cause if she was fugly/nerdy type, no one would give a sh1t what she says.........but because she's a decent type, she's considered well adjusted & confident.
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    POF is NOT as easy as it used to be

    I agree.... I would'nt of belived you if I did'nt experience the same thing. Havent been on pof long & wont be on it much longer (got a sporting injury so just checking out the jazz...) Anyway I've been ther for like a month putting some effort into it, & to put it short, it's full of...
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    Not your usual rant

    she sounds like what an ugly chic would rant about other hot chics. guess she must of been fat before or something
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    Not your usual rant

    U'r that chic arnt u
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    Wife screws our only vacation in years with cheating

    Ok man, if you really were reading advice on sosuave like you said, you shouldn’t be in this sh1t in the first place
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    New here

    Hi, I'm Gay and I'm super. I'm kind of homo when I write about myself, which is why I have come to you guys for help. I've only ever had one boyfriend and that was back in high school. I don't really know why, but boys since then can't see how gay I am. I think that this site will be a great...