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    J0n's Field Report Log

    More More More
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    Girl from High School

    And that's just wrong she might think you're being serious. Even if she thinks you're joking she might not like it. He hasn't seen her for three years then he asks for her to take him out? dude...
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    Girl from High School

    You are overthinking it...
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    love shack wh0res

    What the **** is the OW/OM thread. We're not all loveshack nerds
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    Girls like military men: T or F?

    I'm pretty sure most girls, if not all, like a man in uniform.
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    J0n's Field Report Log

    Absolute gold
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    Tyler Durden PUA

    He posted pictures of his girlfriend up, she's hawt. You can tell she's his by some things he says and that are on the pictures. Think one's with him in too. Oh yea they got a kid too now :P
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    How to turn a massage into sex, any suggestions?

    Ask them if they like 'special/sensitive/better' massages. Then start kissing them up and down their spine, go up to their neck, then down to their butt. Works
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    Have you ever been in this situation?

    I can't say I've been in that situation...
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    Frustrating Situation.

    Because you show no interest in them they are interested. It's just the same as when you're not interested in an ugg.
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    Did I Get Rejected? :(

    don't plan it out
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    Through experience, I've learned the secret to all DJism

    Looks matter but they don't stop you.
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    wed night date??

    What's wrong with Wedneday, she counter offered so she's interested. Treat it like you would if the date were on Saturday?
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    Why do you guys care so much about sex and women?

    just because people care about sex and women doesn't mean they don't care about anything else. sex and women affects many other parts of your life anyways
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    Bootcamp for virgins?

    I don't think most people would be willing to give up 6 months if their life to lose their virginity. Unless they had no life. In that case how would they afford it.
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    Girlfriend left herself logged on facebook

    Yea well that's stupid she should go to the prom with her boyfriend not some random guy.
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    can you get a girl to leave he bf?

    Why would you want to.
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    Girlfriend left herself logged on facebook

    I still don't get why she's not taking you? You said she goes to an all girls school, so I'm guessing she's going to another school's prom, but why does that stop her from taking you.