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    is weed bad?

    im a second year
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    is weed bad?

    Darth, that is my GPA in the University of California Irvine...not in Highschool...for your information I was high everyday after highschool even through finals week, all the while still dominating...i smoke almost everyday in college and still dominate...I dont think you understand the point...
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    is weed bad?

    The only thing you got right there is your last sentence...Hippies dont own the media...Rupert Murdoch does...if you dont know who he is, how conservative he is, and how much media he owns than look it up...Yes it does have more tar than a cigarette but 10x sounds like an arbitrary bs number you...
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    So I've been away for a long while and here are my thoughts on this whole DJ thing.

    Girls wanna have sex too...the hotter they are...the more you need to work for it...thus the reason for this site and the techniques the PUAs created...we use them successfully while at the same time do the most important thing...BETTERING OURSELVES IN ALL ASPECTS OF OUR LIVES, if all this works...
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    Edge - Improve Your Surroundings, Improve Your Mood

    I kinda agree with him though, reading the news and newspapers isnt gonna bring you down...Watching excessive tv is definitely not a good thing either but by having a busy and productive life already you wont watch a lot of TV. Plus there is plenty of good **** on all the time that I enjoy to...
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    Go with trojans or lifestyle, id stay away from durex, they tend to be not as reliable.
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    Girl playin hard to get. I get her back but please give some input!!

    the cuteness scale was a text, but the other time it was flat to her face when i told her i thought all the cute girls were in a certain sorority, my text was the main flaw
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    Girl playin hard to get. I get her back but please give some input!!

    Yo, so i met this cute girl in one of my lectures and i did a perfect job attracting her, making her laugh, i only gave one ioi while she seemed super drawn into me the entire lecture when the teacher wasnt taking notes, we walk out together and we talk a bit more and get to know each other...
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    Which girls do I invite when throwing a party?

    nice as of now they are all coming, ****ed, not ****ed, possibly ****ed, excuse my language. So many hotties are confirmed..my bud ended up not having a test tonight so we tried to push the party a day earlier but didnt get too many ppl cuz it was late but alot of hotter chicks that i called...
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    Which girls do I invite when throwing a party?

    Party tomorrow!! What girls do I invite! Obviously hot ones...but the real question I'm asking right now is my buds and I are throwing a rager tomorrow in our apartment and we'll probly invite a lot of hot chicks we know...the question is should I invite girls Ive hooked up with (made out...
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    I've escaped the friend zone! I think...

    Yeah well played man, it seems you have it under control...a drunk girls words are truly what she feels however, you cant give her back that same amount of passion just yet. You did perfect on that because you were just mellow about it and acted like it all wasn't a big deal. Dont worry about...
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    wow this girl..... just WOW.

    But eh ...to add to this post... I agree, at 16 years old I acted exactly the same, only a year later I found this site. I had oneitis but didnt know what the **** it was...I did a bunch of things right like you did crazyasian and she liked me but I was a ***** and it was in a bio class...same...
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    wow this girl..... just WOW.

    I would say that sounds about right...sad but true.
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    New Djs A cure for porn

    Thats a very good point reborn...if you think about it, when you approach a chick thinking "Alright just do what you saw on the site", or "Here we go" then you've probably already lost the battle...unless your Tom Cruise from Top Gun and you like to hear yourself talk right before any maneuver!
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    Masturbation, Yay or Nay?

    Yea but every time you jack off your instantly over girls like right after you do it cuz that need has been satisfied. And then later that day, if you jack off again then that is twice in one day, if you were even to try and bang after that you'll be shooting dust for sure. One time I was in my...
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    Honestly...the movie does not matter at all...if dinner goes perfectly well, by the time shes at your house, with your parents not home, if shes into you enough you will only watch 5 minutes and mack hard probably until the end of the movie...its good to have a funny one though I totally agree...
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    Major self evaluation (NEED HELP)

    The only way you can make people understand your jokes is by understanding all the social dynamics. You cant be obscene because that will make everyone think your too out there and girls wont view you as attractive especially if your always making jokes that only cater to a group of guy friends...
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    I need REAL KISSING ADVICE. Not "just do what feels right"

    Yeah man...I agree if you think about it so much, you will be super stressed when trying to make out with her and it will make you feel uncomfortable and she will sense that and in turn feel uncomfortable. Every guy and girl have their own style and techniques when mackin down and alot of what...
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    3 Second Rule put to the test (Field test)

    Its an old idea to approach right away but when you put it in your head that when you see a hb you should at least be making eye contact or smile within the first 3 seconds. Your right though i should have tried it a few more times. Too bad theres never any dank chicks swimming at my pool
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    3 Second Rule put to the test (Field test)

    Not a week ago I saw a post on here about the 3 second rule where when you see a girl you should approach within 3 seconds to prevent yourself from doubting and putting yourself down. A lot of people argued it didn't matter how fast the approach was if you have no confidence and game to back it...