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    First car suggestions!

    You'll probably wreck it, and/or need the money for other things, so keep the price under 2k. Dont get trapped into payments. Get it from a private party, and have a REAL mechanic (pay him $100) go with you to check it out before buying it. Look for something with cancer/body damage, bald tires...
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    New birth control for men

    it will be the same thing as putting the warning on cigarette packages. The stupid will continue to be stupid, but a few might be warned off, if they are not yet too involved.
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    Have accusations of rape victim blaming gone too far?

    I think rapists should be gut-shot, repeatedly, and I betcha we'd have a LOT less rape.
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    Adrian Peterson Indicted For Disciplining His Son

    For that young of a boy, this is WAY out of line! He needs to be in prison, where the guys will teach him about child abuse, count on that much.
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    Men live without women > than reverse

    I mean, can women create or fix plumbing, computers, cars, electrical stuff? give me a break. Just go REALLY no contact, (all males), for a year and SEE who has what "power". :-)
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    Scandinavian socialism debunked

    the question really SHOULD be:"why are the men letting it happen", hmm?
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    Yes means Yes (no) passes

    why does she "think" you wont rip off her head for lying to the cops?
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    What happened to BeDJ?

    As more and more people wise up about how horrifically expensive it is to )(properly) raise a kid in the US, more and more will get sterilized. Lets hope that it won't be too late. There is no "sexual imperative" anymore, and there never was, for women.
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    So the police lied about the John Crawford shooting

    did the guy cut off or paint black the muzzle of the toy? there's a good reason that such toys, airsoft, etc, by law have to have an orange tip.
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    "Appeal – for single men"

    how do all these women KNOW that you're single, hmm?
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    First Person Shooter

    morons "think" alcohol is an aid. :-) Instead of slow suicide, why not just a big shot of dope and a couple of plastic bags over your head, nice necktie for them.?
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    If you could live anywhere in NA, where would you live? (and other advice needed)

    You can have any place that is crowded, is cold in winter, or hot in summer. I picked SW Oregon for good reasons. Most other places, I'd have to migrate, like the birds because I detest both the heat and the cold.
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    Do you have to accept that some women are just realistically out of your league?

    if you don't know how to go about it, yes, it's hopeless. But if you know how to make big money, then how to use that money to get connected, amazing things can be done. Also, better looking, sweeter ladies can be had, for much less $ and trouble. You just have to know how to go about doing so...
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    The Official FOREX Thread

    I'm way too selfish, violent and paranoid to invest in anything that I can't put my hands on (and kick the crap out of anyone for effing with). You guys can have all this paper garbage.
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    How did you become successful

    Money's only "less important" when you've got plenty of it, and make more easily.
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    How did you become successful

    Rental real estate here. By that, I mean weekly rooms, many of them in each big old house. VA loans make this possible, but you have to know a lot of vets and find the ones who can be trusted. :-) It really is a matter of location, and being really hard-nosed with this sort of tenant...
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    The Shelf Life of a Woman

    Many women have still "got it" in their 50's. If they don't, they often didn't have it when they were 20, either. :-)
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    What do you struggle with MOST in life?

    The only one that ever bothered me was not making enough money to buy me all the time I needed to do all the neat stuff I wanted to do. :-) I found a way around that problem, but it took me much too long to do so. I should have figure it out 30 years sooner.
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    How to create a female orgasm??

    Why not just get her a vibrator? I have found that the "egg" type works great, with her on top (kneeling) If you give her her first climax, you are likely to have her following you around like a puppy dog. :-) In fact, if she didn't, I'd dump her as not being "into" it enough (for me).