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    Colin Kaepernick sits during national anthem

    I love little *****, His demeanor’s so warm, And if I don’t hurt him He’ll do me no harm. I’ll not shatter his ego, Nor drive him away, But ***** and I, Very gently will play. I’ll sit by the fire And give him some food And ***** will love me Because I am good. How subtlety eludes The men on...
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    Re: she's always in a bad mood No kids after 5 years and always angry? Sounds like she's on...

    Re: she's always in a bad mood No kids after 5 years and always angry? Sounds like she's on the shot / pill / hormone-infused IUD. Women are happiest when they're pregnant and milking. It takes many months, perhaps years, for the abortifacient to get low enough for a pregnancy to carry full...
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    is it really that hard for the average guy?

    I spent my younger years working in the world of men (construction, factories, warehousing, etc.). I had an illusion that office and retail workers had to be so professional because it's a mixed environment, and because they deal with customers. So wrong. After some injuries and the...
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    Cheating wife laments that husband now wants open marriage!

    Not too honest, is she? It's abundantly clear that she has no commitment to him. Rather, she lost the initiative and surprise factor in squeezing him dry like a lemon before hitting him with divorce papers.
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    Lazy Americans

    I really enjoyed watching that, thanks for posting. The sorry part is that they're actually pretty typical. Can't tell you how many self-important assh0les I've worked for, been a customer of, been a tenant of, or known personally, who played at busy-ness. Does America really need an Old...
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    Hollyweird Insanity Report: Actress Removes Her Healthy Breasts

    My Medical Choice
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    SS weirdo of the year awards.

    [Censored so Colossal Moderator The Self-Absorbed One doesn't delete] The Unmentionable One Who Abundantly Deserves Ridicule is still on SRA Purple Level and hoping to get a Red Star from his teacher so he can move on to SRA Violet Level.
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    Fast or Slow, Two Schools of Thought

    The longer you want a relationship to last, the slower you move. The chick goes nuts over the little things you say or do to provoke her. For ONS, just whip it out and point it at her mouth.
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    Woman Chafing During Sex?

    Am still laughing that Big Kneel's Adventure in Central Asian AKA "Russian" pole dancers slash bartenders posing as wannabe Russian Mafia "connected" in some unknown way to some unknown violent pimp daddies at some to-be-disclosed-later time . . . led only to the usual diseased discharges that...
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    article: Diamonds are bull ....

    If you love her, give her children. Children are forever.
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    Anyone else in their 30's and up NOT attracted to women their age or 1-2 years younge

    On a scale from 0.000 to 9.999 . . . . she was an HB 16. Think about it. Age 42 minus age 16 [full flower of beauty] = 26 . . . divide by about 6 [years per decrease of one HB point] means even if she was a perfect 10 as a 16-year-old, she's about a HB 5 now. Thus, you overrate her by at...
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    Ex-wife has our dog - I want to see it.

    Take this whatever way you want: the b1tch is getting along just fine without you. Stick to what gets you along.
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    Reverse Game - Turning it off

    Impregnate her. Her libido will not fully recover until the third trimester, it will again be suppressed while breastfeeding, and the increasing estrogen will make her ever more feminine. Milky breasts to svck are nature's trade-off for fattening her up. As far as the classroom lollipops...
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    What's up with the obsession with women and wine all of a sudden?

    Women develop a sudden appreciation of wine when they notice that all their dildos have become too small for some reason.
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    What value do YOU DJ's of SS provide a woman?

    I have no intention to provide for a woman. I have no intention to do anything about providing for a slore. And it's an ad hominem fallacy to call disagreement with your opinion "whining" and the men who disagree "whiners." I have no intention to provide for a chick. And you employed a...
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    Does Jodi Arias have BPD?

    Did you see the police interrogation room video where she's left alone and stands on her head? Her behavior is totally inappropriate to the situation. She's batsh1t crazy. Yes I strongly concur with the symptomatology. Abandonment by the father is a common initiator of the abuse/neglect...
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    90 day no fap journal.

    Pass drug test = go crazy on cranberry, grapefruit, pomegranite, antioxidants.
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    Girlfriend says other girls look at me, but I'm oblivious to that

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. You just zero the scale when you wear "business casual" (or otherwise weekend apparel / classic men's casual clothes). When you're dressed down, you get negs. Going back to standard men's clothes just gets rid of the negs. Society has gone so...
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    Anyone else in their 30's and up NOT attracted to women their age or 1-2 years younge

    I'm not attracted at all to any woman over 45 -- regardless of how well kept other men may declare her to be. Over 35? Not many. Most are too fat or show age too badly. Few Modern Gurrrrrlz have any reproductive attractiveness (which is the only genuine form of sexuality), it's all posturing...
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    Tip for marrried men (or not) about womens pms

    I use Excel not only to track the first day of flow, but also the expected day of ovulation. An extreme shear from the surge of estradiol femininity, to progesterone man-hating, occurs at the end of estrus. The subsequent 5-7 days are the worst. That is, unless she gets pregnant, in which...