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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #2

    I really enjoyed the assignment this week. I had so much fun in fact that I talked to about 15 people all up. From that I got two numbers (after realising from the Bible that the chicks were actually giving me buying signals!). I have gained so much more confidence from this exercise. I have...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    I have successfully completed my assignment. The results are: Most people just ignored me which is fine. Then there was this one chick, whom I actually had a 15 minute conversation with. I got her number, but it turns out to be false - oh well... Looking forward to the next assignment
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    My mates and I went out for a couple of quiet drinks last night. We were anticipating a quiet night as it was Mardi Gras in Sydney, plus we haven't seen each other for a couple of weeks. There was this live band playing covers, and they were quite good. We watched for a while, there were plenty...
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    Think of a company not doing very well in selling its product. A quick analysis might reveal that the economy is not doing so well or the selling techniques are not up to speed. However, a deeper analysis might reveal that it is the salesman that is the root of the problem. Think about it, who...
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    Quit your whining...I'm tired of hearing it.

    Sting, Just the boost up I needed. Thanks
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    for all you frustrated-unsuccessful guys who have or want to give up: (good advice)

    Man, no wonder you are not getting laid. With that attitude, I don't know who will want to be around. Think about it, chicks (or people in general) love to be around people who makes them feel good. You have to feel good about yourself, which will cause a flow on effect to the people around you.
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    A quality that chicks find irresistable (part I)

    DLG, Perhaps my post didn't get what I was trying to get across. What I am trying to say is that chicks see a guy having ambition as all those qualities. I am an average guy as well, but WHAT SETS ME APART is that (1) I don't want to be an average guy for the rest of my life but most...
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    A quality that chicks find irresistable (part I)

    Having ambition is the number one quality that women find simply irresistable. This is because if a man has ambitions, it says to the chicks: I have everything you are looking for in a man. Example: If you have ambition to have a successful career you have 1. Passion - you need to love what...