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    Your life along with women.

    I agree.
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    Your life along with women.

    Dude, step one is to learn how to live life as a happy single person. Coz damn man, you and everyone else will spend a big proportion of their lives as a single person. Being happy now will help you greatly in being happy when in a relationship. A random search of google yields a good site...
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    Your life along with women.

    The first post is magnificent and so true. LOL, I don't want to be too cynical but looking at the stats, approx 50% of all marriages end up in divorce. If you have nothing else going for you in this life other than a woman, then you're not in a good situation at all :( There is lots of...
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    Living at Home SUCKS!!!!

    It depends where you live and what you want to do with yourself. If you want to live independently and rent then that is so easy to do. Just move out and rent. If you are on your own and you want to buy a house then that is a different story alltogether. Unless you have dual income then it's...
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    Taking game to the next level.. get her to pay your rent

    Taking advantage of people isn't the DJ way lol. The DJ way is about improving yourself and being the best guy you can be. (and get with beautiful women). This is the type of attiude that will bite you in the ass later on in the future. Get a job or a better job or whatever you need to do...
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    really ****ty situation

    Dude, forget the heck out of that girl. She is disrespecting you man. Leave that hoe at once and forget her. Do friends do **** like that to friends? I wonder if she is even your friend to do **** like that. Find a better quality chick to hang out with.
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    The advantages of staying single in life?

    That's very interesting Scaramouche. There is a lot you have said here and I'm thinking about what it implies. "A friend has found a good solution,he lives next door but one,to his lover,it works really well" What does this part mean? The part where your friends wife stuffed him around and...
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    The advantages of staying single in life?

    Well, I was thinking about a few things last night and something hit me. There is such a huge focus on getting with other people and getting married and being in relationships and what not. But there are some clear advantages to staying single as well. Has anyone here seriously considered the...
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    a girl that has a boyfriend

    meh, why waste your time with a chick with a bf? Why not find one that is single? If she leaves he bf, then does that not mean that she is just one of those hoes who will forever be on the look out for a bf-upgrade?
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    Lost too many friends feel soo lonely and sad, how to meet more friends? = (

    A few random tips: When you play games and stuff with friends, you don't ALWAYS have to win you know. I learned this from a friend who was extremely good at a video game and I knew he was damn good. But when playing against new players to the game he would often let them beat him.--He would...
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    Lone Star

    You are such a hypocrite. You act and think in such an unethical and immoral way. Karma will catch up to you!--If not this lifetime, then another. Lucky for you, you can change how you think and thus your actions. Changing your actions into a more ethical and moral mindset will bring...
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    Important Question about Marriage...Need Help

    I think that if you Marry, you should haver her change her last name to reflect your own. That is tradition. When you have kids you want your name to be passed down. If it were me, I would say 'no' to her..but hey, that's me. If she doesn't want to get married to you coz of that then that's...
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    Go read Siddhartha!

    Yes, there definitely is a lot in common between buddhism and djism.
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    BIG shyt test need desperate help this one stumped me

    To be totally blunt, it sounds like she is just trying to create some drama for herself. She obviously gets off on wanting to see some kind of confrontation between you and her ex bf. She gets off thinking that two guys are interested in her and might possibly have a confrontation. Like I...
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    BIG shyt test need desperate help this one stumped me

    Yeah man, give it a miss. Also, remember, don't listen to what she 'says', observe what she 'does'. btw--she sounds like an att ***** just from reading your posts as well :O Good line about saying to her that you are going out with another chick. Good luck dude--either way, I'm sure you...
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    BIG shyt test need desperate help this one stumped me

    Yeah WTF is definitely right... If it was me, I'd find a better quality chick. Seriously, why would you want to be with someone who introduces you to her ex bf?---WTF? If she said to me that she wanted me to meet her ex, I'd tell her to **** off....and then I'd find some other chick...
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    BIG shyt test need desperate help this one stumped me

    Definitely cut those people out of your life. Only scum would do something like that to you. You are far better than that my friend!!
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    Zen and the art of Social interaction - Pause and ACT

    brilliant post. Thanks man
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    Everything in life bores the hell out of me...

    Hi I think that if you tried to find ways to develop COMPASSION for other people, you would find profound joy and happiness. I'm working on improving my compassion for others. I now realize that I've been one selfish son of a *****, and it's high time I tried to think about other peoples...
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    Like this site.

    why did you beat that other guy up though?