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    Have you experienced more or less..?

    Ever since joining SS and reading the material on here.. I have gained an incredible amount of confidence and hooked up with twice as many women as I did Since I was 14. (I'm 22 now.).. Such a helpful source of information. Especially when you were raised by a single mom with an absent father...
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    Don't let your girlfriend DISRESPECT you or you will LOSE your girlfriend

    Exactly. A lot of my friends' steady girlfriends never ever ever disrespect their man whatsoever. A lot of these friends of mine are even kind of wimpy too. Just goes to show you DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON B1TCHES AND H0ES. At least if you want someone exclusively and/or a lasting relationship.
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    Damage control: Make a woman tell you what she wants to hear.

    This is a damn good tactic scars. Thanks for posting! will definitely keep this in mind for the future.
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    Slut Shaming

    @ 1:04 in the video.. "A few weeks ago me and jason were arguing and I made the biggest mistake of my life.. I told him that he is not the father" Oh really you dumb broad? Maybe the biggest mistake was cheating on your husband in the first place behind his back and mothering a bastard child!
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    To reject her or not..

    Thanks for the advice guys. Broke it off with her. It feels good honestly haha, don't have to deal with the silly drama or headgames anymore.
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    What yall think about using hookers?

    I would never pay for sex, but then again.. I'm 22 and there are plenty of horny girls out there for me! Haha :)
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    ...improving yourself?

    working toward any goal you have and achieving them. Not taking no for an answer. Erasing the word "impossible" from your vocabulary. Goals can be anything really. Maybe you want to travel and see the world. Maybe you want to learn music or art and excel at it. Maybe you want to work hard...
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    Facebook, Myspace, IM = DEATH!!!!!

    I decided to delete my facebook after all of the BS it was giving me when talking to girls. Chicks would stop talking to me just because girls would write something on my wall (mostly just friends that are girls writing stupid flirty things joking around). Such a big pain in the ass.
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    To reject her or not..

    Well I just want to keep her around for some casual sex / hooking up. She hasn't raised the idea of becoming exclusive, so I figure she doesn't want to be.
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    Great Weekend! (Field Report)

    Hey guys, so I had a great weekend! Went to two concerts as well as two after parties. I had been in a bad mood the week before because of some stupid girl playing head games. So you know what I did? I went out with my best friends, HAD A BLAST, and approached some girls and got two phone...
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    To reject her or not..

    True. I guess I meant it to be more of a "What would you do?" type question.
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    To reject her or not..

    So for the past 2 months I have been seeing this girl that seems to have some daddy issues (posted about this a couple of days ago). Well for those who have not seen my thread, this girl tends to try to talk down to her guy friends. She's sort of tom-boyish, but still pretty enough to be...
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    Why do us guys, men, have to be perfect everything in order to get girls?

    I would never date a woman just because she is attractive, I will tell a *****y HB10 who has no life or plastic personality to take a hike if she treats me like sh1t, and would take a loving, caring, HB7 girl over her any day. When I look around to date girls, I tend to look for ones that I...
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    Got in a fight, need some advice

    Fairshake is completely right here.. It's gonna suck for a little bit, but you gotta lose her. She's obviously very controlling and probably very manipulative too.
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    Lately I've been attracted to male traits in women...

    Girls like this rule. When I was a lot younger I dated a chick that liked a lot of the same music as me and smoking weed. Everytime we hungout was a blast. I will admit though, It's sorta hard to keep things interesting when a guy and a girl have almost everything in common, but it just feels so...
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    Is it just me, or...

    I have a ton of guy friends, but they all tend to be sorta dorky. They never really talk abot women either.
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    Girls and Daddy Issues

    Sounds good miltman. I've all ready gone NC on her for 2 days and deleted her number. You know, it sorta feels good to be back on the prowl! :)
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    Girls and Daddy Issues

    Hey guys, been seeing this girl for about a month. At first she seemed all right, although I wasn't too interested so I figured I wouldn't go for the second date. Then she texts me saying she had a great time with me and we go out again, I gave her a kiss goodnight and we hooked up a 3rd time...
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    Five types of guys who stay single

    I'm not a workaholic, shy, or too picky. I like to party definitely, but I would much rather spend a quiet relaxing evening with someone I really care about than going out to a night club or bar and drinking. The only thing you could call picky in my search for a steady girlfriend is my...
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    The single worst thing about dating women

    Yeah man. This sh1t always happens to me.. I went on a first date with this girl and was legit not interested in her at all (Did it to get over my oneitis with the girl i was dating a few weeks ago). She seemed kinda weird so I thought to myself "Okay, this girl's gonna be boring.. I'll just...