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    Plate of pork messages me on POF (profile inc)

    Jesus holy dogshat, batman! Fo real do'. She could have played the penguin.
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    Women & Texting Is Out Of Control

    Carry a small paperback book with you. When they start texting, start reading. It worked for me lol. I despise texting. Not sure why. I have a cell-phone, and text when necessary but don't if I can at all avoid it. I honestly usually just give people my home phone anyway. If I'm not around...
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    Going for butterfaces, weakness?

    Are we talking butterface as in: Her face is average to cute. Not ugly, but it isn't the face that should be matched to that body? or Her face is ugly. It is ugly, and it isn't the face that should be matched to that body? My advice is to avoid type two all together, unless you want...
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    A Good Haircut?

    Try and see if you can see this link: http://s1123.photobucket.com/albums/l554/sramsay1985/?action=view&current=beard.jpg This is the three-year old pic, but everything is roughly similar. Short and sweet. 1/8" on the beard and lower burns, 1/4" on the sides and upper burns, 3/8" on...
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    Clothes! What do you rock?

    Simple, masculine wardrobe. Shoes - Almost invariably addidas classics Boots - Tan Timbs or Lugz Jeans - Boot-Cut Arizona jeans Shirts - Fitted solid color T's, V-necks and Polo's. Mostly black, red, grey and white. Draws - I'm always wearing a wife beater (not out, mind you). I also...
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    A Good Haircut?

    Non celebrity pictures of me. Like was said, it's all about face shape. As you watch the age progression you can see how when my bone structure changed, the hair (facial and headwise) changed with it to complement me better. Old as hell, and beard needed trimmed up. Still, this is sadly...
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    getting into relationships with hot girls with boyfriends

    I would really see a doctor about that oneitis though.
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    getting into relationships with hot girls with boyfriends

    No. You probably aren't going to get killed. There is a fairly good chance you end up getting a foot up your ass, though. In fact, there is probably a better chance of that happening than there is for this situation to work out for the OP should he pursue it. That reply wasn't an attack at...
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    getting into relationships with hot girls with boyfriends

    Here is another real life answer Crazed Boyfriend Kills Girlfriend and Two Lovers http://www.wpix.com/news/mocker/wpix-lover-kills-girlfriend-two-men,0,3688895.story
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    A Good Haircut?

    There are really only four acceptable hairstyles for men. Six if your black. The Cloon/Al Pacino: http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTIf15iJ5bggl9qNy7K7gWYfKhP9up3uQEypMHWjWvu78Zeqiz3Gg&t=1 http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AlPacino The Antonio Banderas/Steve Segal...
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    getting into relationships with hot girls with boyfriends

    I'm going to answer no for three reasons: If she is willing to cheat, even though you may be glad for the sex, it marks her as untrustworthy and morally inferior. The branch swinging thing maybe valid, but it takes some vanity to assume you are the most alpha guy she is ever going to stumble...
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    I attract crazies

    +1 for PairPlusRoyalFlush for using the phrase "captain save a ho" Fortuanetly, that isn't my problem. I don't want to fix these women, I just don't want involved with them in the first place. My problem is more like: - Ex. 1 Meet a girl, hook up. Having explained to her the situation...
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    Starting to think solo is best!

    It sounds to me like you just need to stop hanging around losers. I'm not pointing any fingers, but they say the way people percieve you is as a culmination of your five closest associates. Five losers equals one hell of a loser.
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    too much sarcasm = douche?

    You don't have to mentally script everything you say. Go ahead and speak extemporaneously. Just be conscientious of whom is in your presence. Personally, I was raised to behave politely in front of aquaintances, especially of the female variety. For example, my father always told me it was...
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    I attract crazies

    I'd probably fork out $500 in a heart beat if it kept the nuttos away. Seriously though, anybody notice any signs on how to recognize if a woman is merely wearing the mask of sanity? One I tend to notice a lot is that they don't have any real close friends. Male, female, or otherwise. Or...
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    What's your DJ style?

    I don't know if I fall in to a distinct category. I give off very mischievious vibes. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn't. But it's what I like to do, so I'd do it even with ***** removed from the equation. My personality is every bit of an INTJ. I'm introverted, but not shy. I...
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    Once a slut always a slut?

    In a situation like this, one is left to look to the great philosopher Ludacris: "You can't turn a ho in to a housewife. Hos don't act right." These words sink in deeply. "Hey, Ho. How you doin? Where you been? Probably doing ho stuff, because there you ho again." Meditate on that...
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    What should a DJ eat for breakfast? Help

    My breakfast consisted of a Pabst blue ribbon, left-over nachos from Denny's, and a black and mild. Thats how I know I had fun last night. Maybe even too much fun.
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    too much sarcasm = douche?

    I agree, hence the rest of my post. ;) I merely aim to point out that what the OP was doing wasn't being sarcastic -- or atleast, not doing it very well. Used properly and appropriately (timing wise), a sarcastic comment can be a lighthearted jab that everybody, even the one at whoms expense...