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    whats the best way to approach a girl in your class

    I mean I know the basic ones like "what do you think about the class so far" o whatever but sometimes due to circumstances that doesn't work as well. so i need some other lines
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    whats the best way to approach a girl in your class

    i never got to the point where I could just be like "hey" i always feel like I need some sort of intro...
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    so here's the deal with this chick

    yeah, i guess you're right
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    so here's the deal with this chick

    thanks, I was thinking that the best thing to do would be to just chill and let her make the next move. alright, I'll do that
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    so here's the deal with this chick

    any other thoughts?
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    so here's the deal with this chick

    k, know this girl, yadda yaddda. through college. called her, was like "we should get dinner sometime" she sounded really excited, so I'm like great so i go up to the cafeteria, supposed to be at 8. so i called her at like 8 05 or osmething, she said she was in a meeting for a group...
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    Going speed dating next week

    bump...I'm interested in question suggestions
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    you + girl are alone in her room. chill for a bit or

    try to get right into thing/? how?
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    For the college guys who want to meet women

    once you meet a girl, what is a good way to move the relationship along coffee, etc ideas?
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    For the college guys who want to meet women

    bump as college prepares to start
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    How to be sexual without being that nasty guy

    I'm sure theres topics on this already, can someone link me to some?
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    Thug Game

    this was a good post
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    eye contact game

    Those of you that are talking about being "chosen" how do you know when yo're chosen without using eye contact beforehand?
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    omfg so many missed opportunities

    But what a strange way to open... "Your shoelace is untied"... "milk does a body good" If that's the best you can come up with you'd be 1000 times better off just asking what her name is
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    Treat women as kids.

    Wow Wow at keyboard jockeys running around making generalizations about women. Here's an idea: judge each woman on how you interact with her, and don't say stupid things like "you don't see women discussing intelligent things"
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    Enough. I'm done.

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    So what's the verdict on the masturbation?

    Is it bad for the game, good, or indifferent? i'm talking once a day, every other day Right now I'm on Day 13 without it
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    So if you can't drive...

    My parents are some of those fanatic Christians, so they won't take me to any dates where I would be alone iwth a chick, and I wont be able to drive for another year. I dont live close enough to entertainment to walk, so what would be some good things to suggest doing wiht a girl? Bowling...