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    Leg Press....question.

    if your quads and ass are sore the next day then you did it right, leg press is a lot easier than squats so if you get to 500lbs. on leg press and still wanna push yourself go to squats, but dont start out with no 500lbs. on that
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    You'll have whatever you want

    Beavs, what do you want? “I want to frigging get laid.” Is that all? I know like 30 freaks that would do you in a heartbeat. Beavs loses his virginity to a horridly obese and masculine girl. Beavs, what do you want? “To have sex with a hot girl.” Is that all? Hire a prostitute...
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    How do you guys eat so much??

    How did you guys increase your appettite for bulking up? And how the hell can you make time for 6 meals a day? Do you really have to plan everyday around all your meals?
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    Book: Wild at Heart Notes

    sounds good
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    ETF's vs mutual funds

    Does anyone here trade ETF's? I understand them to be "funds that can be traded like stocks" as in you can buy and sell any time you want. It seems like ETF's are becoming more popular, does anybody here have a better understanding of them?
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    Cool Guy Lesson #1

    Lesson #2 Why I am the coolest mofo around. I am never needy of attention or approval. I don’t let people disrespect me, but I also respect everyone else. I’m super laid back chilled the **** out. Don’t judge and don’t hate. I’m confident and comfortable in most every situation. I’m...
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    Learn how to walk away/art of timing

    patience... it cannot be overstated. You are absolutely 100times better off playing the long game. It's like an investment. either every night you can spend a whole bunch of time impressing new girls and start back at zero every new day. OR... you can work on yourself, get different girls...
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    Cool Guy Lesson #1

    Adone- I definetly agree with you, cool guys aren't necessarily always with girls and uncool guys aren't necessarily never with girls. I was just saying, and it wasn't even really the point, but i usually see the "cooler" guys getting the girl they want in the end. Organizedconfusion-...
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    Cool Guy Lesson #1

    Let’s be honest, what you really want is to be wanted. You want people to like you, accept you, and think that you’re a really cool person. So how do you make the most normal person in your life, the coolest most likable person in town? Well people’s ideas of what is cool often never...
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    American women Suck???

    I have to laugh at this thread... Ever watch little boys and girls argue about who's better? Now picture the little boy in the arguement as Stewie from Family Guy... that's what we have here.
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    Breaking up with a girl who does NOTHING wrong..

    :crackup:^^^^^ NTP I think i should thank you for asking this question since i'm going through the same thing, yall have given me much to ponder...
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    Breaking up with a girl who does NOTHING wrong..

    i am going thru the EXACT same thing as you. I really dont see other girls being as good as the one i got, but i just dont feel that "in love" 1 girl all the time thing for her anymore. I'm gonna stick with her though and when I get to college I'll probably go on a break with her... if its...
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    Nice vs Ugly Breakups

    i've always broken up on good terms and i think ALL my ex's still want me bk... i wouldn't mind it if it was just like "Oh i can get that whenever i want it now" but if your still in school, some *****es will try to do everything to make sure you dont hit it off with another girl... my last g/f...
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    Just Enjoy yourself

    Its sad we have to remind ourselves of this, but having fun is the way to do it, if you're having fun who cares if you even get the girl?? And then you have the perfect attitude for a pick-up "Don't need the girl, she better be fun too"
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    Favourite Quotes !

    "Live like they're cheering your name in Heaven" -Hardass
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    this is why a DJ is in high demand!

    I thought about it for a minute, and i really could give a damn what typical guys wear these days. Now would i wear a pink shirt?? Hell no But what other guys are doing really doesn't concern me. Pink shirt guys get their feelings hurt when their ladies leave them for me. I look at...
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    Choose or Lose

    Of all your posts I've read, i like this one the most. You've always seem to have an answer for every situation-- stand this way, talk this way, do X then Y for optimal results... etc. To tell you the truth I always had a feeling that this came from a feeling of insecurity. But now that is...
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    Hoop Dreams

    good story, it deserves an ending tho...
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    The Don Juan Ethic

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    Never Give Up on Her

    why is it that i can never get over this girl? i have a better, sweeter, sexier girl, but i can't seem to fully get over the other one. Thanks for the replies