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    Are There Two Types of Alpha Males. Ego vs Egoless Alpha??

    I don't think its new agey or anything like that. The OP has good points. I could write a bunch of stuff on the topic, but I would like to leave with this thought. The Ego is about wanting recognition, accolades, to be desired, famous, the life of the party, needing validation, to be noticed...
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    I got led on... ouch.

    nroug7, the whole leading you on thing is common with women because of their ego and their strong need to feel desired. Add to that manipulating men, and it becomes a power trip to them. It seems as if they feel its justified, considering the past abuse by men they've received, or the feeling...
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    The Long Road Back

    DAardwolf, be careful that you don't create a process of handling all this through fluffing your Ego. I wouldn't like that you end up in a similar situation yet again, because all this time you hadn't gone to the root of the problem and worked on satisfying ego cravings.
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    Relationship Game

    I think it is a bad sign. I do feel youre laying on the distant approach a little thick. She is looking for some confirmation, validation, compliments things like that. You perhaps feel if you provided some of this (normal) behavior that it would weaken your frame or position. I think you are...
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    My beef with martial arts

    Korniger, this thread is so all over the place I dont have the attention span to read through all the insults and stuff. I would like to get right to the point with you. It appears that one of your fears is training will lead to injury. Am I correct? Also, you seem to feel like despite your...
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    40 beads method -- you've got to be kidding me!

    **** this 40 Beads ****. What the **** is that ****? Is that real??! No Man should EVER do that ****.
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    Finding your woman's TRUE colors

    LOL! Few brain cells left, eh? You sound butthurt and dumb as ****. Get out of here, jackass! LMAO!
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    Feeling discouraged chasing my dream/Goal

    Your workout is decent. But it appears you have poor form in executing the exercises. Your example of "feeling it in your biceps" when you do back work, means you are making your arms work exclusively instead of focusing on the back pulling the weight. And you comment that you are also not...
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    Rethinking the "waiting" topic

    Look, being respectful of women's sexual boundaries is not a bad thing. Its not beta, or afc, or chodish, chumpish , whatever. We're not freakin rapists or sexual predators. And we should be at a stage where we're not drooling with our tongues out at the sight of women, or the thought of sex or...
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    The Power of Not Caring

    Yes, you should care. But how much you care is important, and also will the caring level you have either be too little or too much? So not caring is not good advice. Not being controlled by your caring is what needs to be developed. We are emotional beings. But our maturity and ability to...
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    I have messed up by giving away all my power, and i want it back.

    Well, its not like..totally AFC. It wasnt that bad. It really wasnt. It seemed very sincere. You were speaking from your heart. And you were really connecting and bonding with her, although from what she said she doesnt want to bond with anyone because she doesnt want to be hurt. Thats all...
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    I'm sure you mature men can answer this situation

    Kyontate, get comfortable being around people. Get comfortable being yourself, and relaxed, confident around women. What you described is...well...brother, youre the creepy guy. Dont be the creepy guy. If she talks to you, talk back. Be comfortable with her, and use this as a way to ease...
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    Feeling discouraged chasing my dream/Goal

    Are you sure youre eating enough calories? Are you skinny? Or have you built enough muscle mass? I get the feeling youve been doing too much cardio, not eating enough (especially Protein), and have slightly lowered Test levels. At 17 youre test levels should be pretty good. But too much...
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    Can you suggest me an efficient multi-vitamin/multi-mineral

    Focus Factor B Complex Omega 3 ZMA Opti Men is pretty good. Look into Saw Palmetto, Tribulus, and vitamin D3. Good luck.
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    Messed up one of my leads

    Well,yes, you did screw up. If someone waves at you , and youre interested in them wave back, acknowledge them. And if theyre inviting you to them, go ahead. You seemed so worried and in your head about appearing Alpha and disinterested that you ended up shooting yourself in the foot. Be...
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    I have messed up by giving away all my power, and i want it back.

    PJ94, can I be very frank with you? You may be going through all of this because either you are extremely desperate for female attention/companionship, and/or you are very young, and this kind of manipulating,drama, argumentativeness, etc is something youre new to, and so you tolerate it. I...
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    would going to see a psych help ( happy new years guys)

    Packers2010, It appears that yes, perhaps seeing a psychiatrist might not be a bad idea for you. There is a lot going on here. Very deep, and has been going on for many years. So a lot of what is going on is deep rooted. What will help, although I dont know how willing you are to do it, is to...
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    Finding your woman's TRUE colors

    Or you could just not get involved with skanks.
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    Laying down the law .... is this right?

    Sometimes teasing is a female's crude way of flirting. Its their way of **** testing you. Its all about checking your 'armor'. It does depend. So without being there and seeing the interaction its hard to exactly tell you what it IS. But it can be that she has feelings for you. In fact, I think...
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    Overcoming shaming - being different

    Nah, its still too complacent and weak. Just stating my opinion. If you didnt understand my post, thats ok. Good luck.