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    Girl bulling a guy

    hey, I have this problem with a girl (very very UGLY on a scale=2 with pimples all over her) in my class who keeps almost all the time verbally bulling me.I am a foreigner studing in Russia and people talk only in russian out here.So I have a language barrier because of which I am unable to...
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    Keys to the Vip

    who's that Guy at the end of the 12th episode?
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    Anyone who wants to get laid - I answer all of your questions here

    cool....so how do you do ur game on the streets? 'cause lately I've been tring street aproaches and it ain't that effective + it's damn cold in Russia....would prefer Private message since I might loose this thread!
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    Attention ***** takedown

    guys I have been hearing a lot on oneitis and cold approches.......what are these?
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    How to defeat that nervousness that kills the spark?

    In Russia things are quite different..I my-self am Indian studing in Saint Petesburg,might have LETI....We must meet if u ever plan to come over here. I'll be in Russia for another 2 years!
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    Sense nonsense!

    Now again I met this girl on the streets who seemed to show high interest in me but later when I called her up she asked me to call her up a day prior to the date and said NO you call up only incase you won't be able to come....and this morning I got a a SMS from her saying that she won't be...
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    Sense nonsense!

    where should I be posting exactly?
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    Sense nonsense!

    hey guys, for quite sometime I have been reading stuffs out here.....but due to my studies I am inable to hang out and make new freinds.....mostly I try approaching women on the streets(especcially on my way to the university)....80% of the time girls seem uninterested in me(I do...
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    One of the most important posts ever!

    --- Anonymous's Original Question --- Hi, This is the second time I am asking for advice and this text differs from the last one. I live in a hostel where the all the comps are conneted through LAN.On Saturday I invited a girl over my place around 1 o'clock in the night.Incidently it turned...
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    DJ Online Correspondence University... Classes starting soon!

    I am willing to be a participate in your crash course:)) Could you please explain me in details what is (WBAFC,BAFC,AFC,RAFC,DJ,MDJ).....I know the fullform...still I didn't get it.....I am still learning english :)....I am from Russia :)