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    I understand where your coming from there krd, Everyone else here does as well, you gotta remember that. I think it is good when you realise how similar our challenges as guys are. There is a lot of good perspectives others have posted there for you. My perspective is that you ned to...
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    I agree, get rid of this wimpy loser, he is more interested in talking to us guys than approaching women. I think he is a closet fag I HOPE HE GETS A BEAT DOWN ------------------ "I met this girl she acted like I owed her something-NOTHING, all I owed her was a good steady ****ing, Yo I aint...
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    NEW ARTICLE (long but re-posted-sorry about the size factor)

    I apologise to Allen and Drew for emailing you both, I wasnt aware of the suggestions forum. anyway without repeating myself too much, here is some of the post I put forth as a posssible addition to help curb unneccessary annoying posts. I can write up a new version for you, this stuff is just...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Course Description (class is now in session)

    I want to learn and develop excellent motu you are ahead of the game indeed, my highest praise goes to you for your INITIATIVE I im in as well
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

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    DJ Boot Camp - Course Description (class is now in session)

    AAAHH NOT STRUGGLING AGAIN, that guy is like is a true shocker, Id love to go out with him and use him as a my wingman, I could anchor all the negative emotions that happen - straight to him and he would happily accept them as "the cold hard truth" while I get the "warm soft fantasy" anyway...
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    How to's: How to do car pick-ups.....(80% success rate)

    phew man, hhmm your one of those "porn infected souls" I see around, they usually look at girls who are totally preoccupied with other things and say to me "man wouldnt you JUST LOVE TO ....... (insert depraved hardcore porn act here) her". I know a guy like this, his eyes are all big and...