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    ONEITIS - Lets Be Honest

    True. I made the same observation years ago (when i had oneitis) and it helped me tremendously.
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    Sluts - Love em or Hate em?

    I don't hate them. I just don't want to date them. And if they lie about their past then i don't even want to know them.
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    Here's another example of what's wrong with women nowadays....

    It's the guy's fault. If he doesn't have the brains to kick sh!t like her to the curb then he deserves what's coming to him.
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    I need some guidance...

    This is my problem too. I'm working on it right now. You have to be more social. 1. Forget your past experiences. Psychologically you're still the fat guy in the corner despite the fact that your appearance doesn't betray it. These bad experiences that made you a social retard must be put...
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    How To Be Social

    This is the area in which i'm currently working on. Your article is g-r-e-a-t! There is also a section about socializing in Thundercat's book that really helps a lot.
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    She Cheated...

    What you're saying is completely illogical. Giving her a second chance a) will not determine if second chances work generally. You'll have to test multiple girls and do a statistical/psychological analysis. b) will not give you the right to demand a second chance for yourself in a future...
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    Sick of all sh*t

    You can't change the wind buddy but you can adjust your sails. Happy sailing and remember: it's YOUR boat.
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    My Amazing LTR GF has a "Bad Past"

    What he said. Actions speak louder than words. Always remember that.
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    Have you ever been persued by a fattie or ugly?

    It sounds completely crazy but out of the 7 (if i'm not mistaken) girls who have hit on me in HS only one was ugly. At the time i honestly thought they were out of my league and were making fun of me (sad, i know). Since i went to college not a single girl has hit on me even though i drastically...
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    Be a "cool guy" or a "Man?" There is a BIG difference!

    I'm currently hanging out with two guys that are good with women (not puas). Before i met them i would bet that they were the class clowns and that was the reason they got laid. Now that i have, i see that they are very friendly guys who make jokes and it's just fun to be around them. They are...
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    Do Smart Girls Only Go Out With Smart Guys?

    No they don't or i wouldn't be here. Nerdy girls are still girls. Nerdy guys are still nerds.
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    Snow's 2007/2008 Bootcamp Journal

    I'm starting to find myself in the situation where i'm socially comfortable with women between 30-40 but i still have a big problem with younger women. You've already been there dude. Have you figured out why this is happening and how to solve it?
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    Psychological Way of Life

    Dude, you must be my twin brother. If you find an answer let me know.
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    How do I get away from judgemental people when I have to be with them?

    You sound a lot like me dude. I'm on the path to change now. Get on it too. I was a very good student in college but mentally i was unstable (the reasons are not important). I tried to study hard and battled my addictions and my psychological flaws. I always felt i wasn't good enough and i...
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    How do I get away from judgemental people when I have to be with them?

    A judgment is an opinion. Everyone judges to some degree. Nobody seems to have a problem with positive opinions. It's the negative ones that bother people. But how can there be positive judgments without negative ones? How can you like two opposite things? You can't. IMHO those who speak of...
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    "Do you hate me?"

    Amen Brother. Amen.
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    what a ***** ;)

    Last year i read a book on personality psychology. Drinking, drugs and promiscuity go together. If she drinks then she ****s around. Period. I bet that she has depression issues.
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    Marraige Poll: Would You...

    First I'd find out about her past (sexual and nonsexual). Then we'll see.
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    best way to comeback at her telling me im spoiled?

    My spider-sense is going crazy here. Her thinking that you are spoiled is the conclusion of her thoughts. You have to find out the things that she's not telling you. I think she's unable to meet certain expectations and that is creating insecurity. Instead of seeing that as her fault, she sees...
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    Root Cause to AFC Behaviour

    Almost everyone i know tries to "justify" their mistakes and to present them as something right or unavoidable. Accepting failure (generally) is a very painful process but it has to be done. I recently had to do it and it was very depressing. Also, when your self esteem drops, it's hard to think...